Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1. Graduates shall have technical knowledge and skills in the area of Electrical & Electronics Engineering to fulfill the needs of industry and society.

PEO2. Graduates will have research capabilities to achieve success in their chosen fields with team work

PEO3. Graduates shall be successful engineers with lifelong learning, right attitude and Ethics

Program Outcomes

PO1.Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.

    • PO2.Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
    • PO3.Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
    • PO4.Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
    • PO5.Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
    • PO6.The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
    • PO7.Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
    • PO8.Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
    • PO9.Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
    • PO10.Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
    • PO11.Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
    • PO12.Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in Independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • PSO1 An ability to develop working models in the area of power electronics with sound theoretical background.
  • PSO2 An ability to promote the use of renewable energy sources in the area of power systems.
  • PSO3 An ability to focus on different control techniques in the field of electrical and electronics engineering.
  • M.Tech in Power Electronics with an intake of 9.
  • B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with an intake of 120.
  • Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with an intake of 60.

The department has the following laboratories to cover all the experiments prescribed in JNTUK/A.I.C.T.E. Curriculum and to support all research activities.

Student Details
II Sem
II Year II sem
S.NoSubject NameLinks
1Signals And SystemsUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5
Lesson Plan Question bank
2Digital ElectronicsUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5
Lesson Plan Question bank
3Control SystemUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5
Lesson Plan Question bank
4Electrical Machines-IIUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5
Lesson Plan Question bank
5Engineering MechanicsUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5
Lesson Plan Question bank
III Year II sem
S NoCourse NameUseful Links
1Power Electronics Controllers & DrivesUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
2Power system analysisUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
3Microprocessor and Micro controllerUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
4Energy Audit, Conservation and ManagementUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
5Data StructuresUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
IV Year II sem
S NoCourse NameUseful Links
1Digital Control systemsUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
2HVDC systemsUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
3Electrical Distribution systemUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
4FACTSUnit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
I Sem
II Year I sem
S NoCourse NameLinks
1Basic Electronics and devicesUnit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Lesson Plan Question bank
2Electrical Machines-IUnit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Lesson Plan Question bank
3Electrical Circuit Analysis-IIUnit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Lesson Plan Question bank
III Year I sem
S NoCourse NameUseful Links
1IPR & PatentsUnit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Front pages Question bank
2Electrical MeasurementsUnit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Front pages Question bank
3Electrical Machines-IIIUnit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Front pages Question bank
4Power ElectronicsUnit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Front pages Question bank
5Linear & Digital IC ApplicationsUnit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Front pages Question bank
6Power Systems-IIUnit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Front pages Question bank
IV Year I sem
S NoCourse NameUseful Links
1Energy Audit Conservation and Management Assignment AnalysisNotes Front pages Question bank
2Electrical Distribution Systems(SEC A)Notes Front pages Question bank
3Electrical Distribution Systems(SEC B)Notes Front pages Question bank
4HVAC & DC Transmission(SEC A)Notes Front pages Question bank
5HVAC & DC Transmission(SEC B)Notes Front pages Question bank
6Power System Operation & ControlNotes Front pages Question bank
7Renewable Energy Sources and Systems(SEC A)Notes Front pages Question bank
8Renewable Energy Sources and Systems(SEC B)Notes Front pages Question bank

Objectives of SHAKTHI Student Association: SHAKTHI Student Association was formed with the aim of encouraging the students in technical as well as co-curricular activities and also to provide a platform for students of EEE to exhibit their hidden talents and to acquire the important skills required to be an excellent professional.

Activities organized by SHAKTHI

  • Engineers vision
  • Technical Paper presentation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Group Discussions
  • Debates
  • Guest Lectures
  • Quiz
  • Just a Minute program
Engineers Vision

The main objective of Engineers vision is student practicing on recollecting and presenting his/her knowledge on picture has shown instantaneous. It experience the student memory power, by presenting his/her ideas eliminates stage fear and enhance presentation skills.


Technical Paper Presentation
Objectives of Technical Paper presentation :
 The objective of paper presentation is to develop quest for research among the students. The spirit for searching information will definitely improve the reading habits of the students and provide them in depth knowledge about current environment. This will also help to develop the comprehending skill, writing skill, and presentation skill of the students. The student’s will be given the opportunity to present papers in national and international seminars, conferences and competitions.


Objective of Just a Minute game : To provide better listening, thinking and speaking training in a fun environment.


Objectives of Group discussion : Group discussion plays a vital one in the life of the job seekers. Group discussion is a prevalent tactic used as an important tool for personality assessment. This is a commonly used method to evaluate overall personality of candidates. This technique is proved to be highly efficient to gauge the basic traits of the applicants.

Group discussion are introduced in students activities to achieve the following :

  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge on given topic
  • Reasoning skills
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership qualities
  • Initiative
  • Clarity on concepts
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Listening skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Patience

Objectives of Debate :To encourage students to organize their thoughts in a critical or argumentative way that takes into account the complexity of issues and the existence of alternative and opposing views. To increase students’ public speaking and presentation skills, including the ability to think quickly on one’s feet. Class debate can also be used to develop students’ research skills and give them a chance to become experts on a particular subject.


Objectives of Quiz:Though quiz competitions are often viewed as the pursuit of trivial knowledge, they encourage students to achieve academic excellence and increase their awareness of the world around them. A quiz is also a brief assessment used in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills.

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The college offers many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities. Within the department there are two student-run organizations which you can get involved in. Student organizations are a very important part of the college experience. They encourage teamwork, leadership, improved organizational skills and creativity, while cultivating professional interests.


“IE(I) Vision is to enable practice of ethical ethos and pursuits of professional excellence for engineering fraternity to serve the humanity through inclusive growth” The Institution of Engineers (India) (IEI), was established in 1920 and was sanctioned the Royal Charter in 1935, laying down the principal role of the to be of a learned society promoting the advancement of the science and practice in different fields of engineering. The Royal Charter reflects the spirit in which engineering disciplines are to be pursued. IE(I) Students’ Chapters has been established in Department of ME in 2014. From then this Chapter has taken the lead role in conducting the co-curricular and extracurricular activities in this college. The Local Chapter of the Staff is functioning actively.


The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is a national, non-profit making professional body, registered under the society’s registration Act of 1860. Started in 1941 as the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions (APII), later it was converted into “Indian Society for Technical Education”, New Delhi in 1986 with a view to enlarge its activities to advance the cause of technical education in the country. It is the only national organization of educators in the field of engineering and technology.

ISTE Students’ Chapters has been established in SITE in 2014. From then till now this Chapter has taken the lead role in carrying on the extracurricular activities in this college.

The Local Chapter of the Staff is functioning actively. The Local Chapter of students is very active with a total membership of students. A number of activities are organized in the college and students are deputed to participate in seminars conducted elsewhere


Electrical and Electronics Engineering department is equipped with a library apart from the Central Library of the Institution. Department Library comprise of a substantial No. of Volumes, Magazines, Dailies and Reference Books for ready reference to its Staff and Students. At present the department library has about 499 volumes with 890 titles. It also subscribes for e-Journals, Journals & Magazines. Apart from curriculum books the library also has titles in the reference section that helps student in preparing for competitive exams and placement tests. Rich collection of books on software technologies makes the student improve his technical and programming skills. CD’s and DVD’s of lectures are also available in the department library facilitating quick learning. Though the library, at present caters to the needs of the undergraduate and post graduate students, it is as well in future being developed to meet the needs of staff doing their Doctoral Program.
Titles : 550 Volumes : 980
The library functions on all working days from Monday to Saturday.

Library Working Hours
Working Hours08:45 A.M to 06:00 P.M
Circulation Hours09:00 A.M to 05:00 P.M
Reference Hours09:00 A.M to 06:00 P.M
S.NoDescription of BooksTotal
1Total Number of Titles550
2Total Number of Volumes980
3Number of Final Year Project Books415
Faculty Profiles 2021-22
S.NONameQualificationDesignationDate of JoiningNature of Association(Regular/Contract/Adjunct)
01Dr P Hema ChanduPh.DHOD & Professor06.06.2019Regular
02Dr.E Aswani KumarPh.DProfessor15.09.2008Regular
03Dr. Shaik Mohammad RafeePh.DProfessor21.10.2020Regular
04Dr.Avagaddi PrasadPh.DAssoc. Prof15.10.2020Regular
05Dr. Damodhar ReddyPh.DAssoc. Prof15.10.2020Regular
06P Hema SundarM TechAsso.Prof01.11.2011Regular
07A Venkata Srinivasa RaoM.TechAsso.Prof01.06.2015Regular
08M Krishna ChaitanyaM.TechAsso.Prof13.12.2021Regular
09Dr.Rallapalli Pavan Kumar NaiduPh.DAsst.Prof19.10.2020Regular
10Garapati SatyanarayanaM TechAsst.Prof03.06.2013Regular
11Mulumudi Penchala PratapM TechAsst.Prof03.06.2013Regular
12K Naga Venkata SivaM.TechAsst.Prof11.05.2015Regular
13Ch JayasriM.TechAsst.Prof01.08.2017Regular
14B RaghavendraM.TechAsst.Prof25.06.2015Regular
15Malladi Narayana MurthyM.TechAsst.Prof01.07.2015Regular
16D RakeshM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
17S RajeshM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
18G Venkata ApparaoM.TechAsst.Prof01.06.2016Regular
19K Phani SantoshiM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
20Ch RaviM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
21M MeghanaM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
22Y SainathM.TechAsst.Prof21.05.2018Regular
23B SaradaM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
24Appana SridharM.TechAsst.Prof22.10.2020Regular
25A Siva Naga Ram GopalM.TechAsst.Prof02.11.2020Regular
26K NanajeeM.TechAsst.Prof01.12.2020Regular
27T Vamsee KrishnaM.TechAsst.Prof22.09.2021Regular
28G Tarun Manikya KiranM.TechAsst.Prof28.09.2021Regular
29V Chandra SekharM.TechAsst.Prof28.09.2021Regular
Faculty Profiles 2020-21
S.NONameQualificationDesignationDate of JoiningNature of Association(Regular/Contract/Adjunct)
01Dr W A AugusteenPh.DHOD & Professor10.06.2018Regular
02Dr P Hema ChanduPh.DProfessor06.06.2019Regular
03Dr.E Aswani KumarPh.DProfessor15.09.2008Regular
04Dr S Rama SubbannaPh.DProfessor01.06.2018Regular
05Dr.Shaik Mohammad RafeePh.DAssoc. Prof21.10.2020Regular
06Dr.Avagaddi PrasadPh.DAssoc. Prof15.10.2020Regular
07A Venkata Srinivasa RaoM.TechAsso.Prof01.06.2015Regular
08P Hema SundarM TechAsso.Prof01.11.2011Regular
09Dr.Damodhar ReddyPh.DAsst.Prof15.10.2020Regular
10Dr.Rallapalli Pavan Kumar NaiduPh.DAsst.Prof19.10.2020Regular
11Garapati SatyanarayanaM TechAsst.Prof03.06.2013Regular
12Mulumudi Penchala PratapM TechAsst.Prof03.06.2013Regular
13K Naga Venkata SivaM.TechAsst.Prof11.05.2015Regular
14Ch JayasriM.TechAsst.Prof01.08.2017Regular
15B RaghavendraM.TechAsst.Prof25.06.2015Regular
16Malladi Narayana MurthyM.TechAsst.Prof01.07.2015Regular
17D RakeshM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
18S RajeshM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
19G Venkata ApparaoM.TechAsst.Prof01.06.2016Regular
20K Phani SantoshiM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
21Ch RaviM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
22M MeghanaM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
23Y SainathM.TechAsst.Prof21.05.2018Regular
24B SaradaM.TechAsst.Prof14.10.2019Regular
25Appana SridharM.TechAsst.Prof22.10.2020Regular
26A Siva Naga Ram GopalM.TechAsst.Prof02.11.2020Regular
27A Mohan Durga KumarM.TechAsst.Prof11.11.2020Regular
28A BalanarayanaM.TechAsst.Prof10.11.2020Regular
29K NanajeeM.TechAsst.Prof01.12.2020Regular
30R Koti BabuM.TechAsst.Prof01.12.2020Regular
31Patapanchala Rama KrishnaM.TechAsst.Prof20.06.2019Regular
32G Mounika SharonM.E.Asst.Prof01.12.2020Regular
33M R V MuraliM.E.Asst.Prof02.06.2014Regular
34P Ajay Sai KiranM.TechAsst.Prof01.06.2016Regular
Faculty Profiles 2019-20
S.NONameQualificationDesignationDate of JoiningNature of Association(Regular/Contract/Adjunct)
01Dr M SridharPh.DHOD & Professor01.06.2018Regular
02Dr W A AugusteenPh.DProfessor10.06.2018Regular
03Dr. P Hema ChanduPh.DProfessor06.06.2019Regular
04E Aswani KumarM.EProfessor15.09.2008Regular
05Dr.S Rama SubbannaPh.DAsso.Prof01.06.2018Regular
06A Venkata Srinivasa RaoM.TechAsso.Prof01.06.2015Regular
07V L N SastryM TechAsso.Prof10.03.2010Regular
08P Hema SundarM TechAsso.Prof01.11.2011Regular
09Dr.A Ravi KantPh.DAsso.Prof16.09.2016Regular
10Ramakrishna VadrevuM.TechAsst.Prof01.06.2018Regular
11Garapati SatyanarayanaM TechAsst.Prof03.06.2013Regular
12Mulumudi Penchala PratapM TechAsst.Prof03.06.2013Regular
13K Naga Venkata SivaM.TechAsst.Prof11.05.2015Regular
14Ch SrinivasM.TechAsst.Prof01.06.2017Regular
15Ch JayasriM.TechAsst.Prof01.08.2017Regular
16M R V MuraliM.E.Asst.Prof02.06.2014Regular
17M MulaswaminaiduM.TechAsst.Prof01.05.2015Regular
18B RaghavendraM.TechAsst.Prof25.06.2015Regular
19Malladi Narayana MurthyM.TechAsst.Prof01.07.2015Regular
20P Ajay Sai KiranM.TechAsst.Prof01.06.2016Regular
21G Venkata ApparaoM.TechAsst.Prof01.06.2016Regular
22Patapanchala Rama KrishnaM.TechAsst.Prof20.06.2019Regular
23Y SainathM.TechAsst.Prof21.05.2018Regular
24Rapaka Ratna Mani SriM.TechAsst.Prof01.06.2019Regular

Placements Details – Academic Year 2021 – 2022

 S. No.Student NameEnrolment No.DisciplineYear of Passing from InstitutionOn Campus / Off  Campus PlacementEmployer Name
 1D. Naga Haritha18K61A0219EEE2022On CampusMphasis
 2P. Jememah18K61A0256EEE2022On CampusMphasis, Wipro
 3T. Chakravarthi18K61A0270EEE2022On CampusMphasis, Capgemini
 4T. Pavani18K61A0271EEE2022On CampusMphasis, Capgemini
 5V. S. Kowmudi18K61A0274EEE2022On CampusMphasis
 6A. ManiShankar19K65A0201EEE2022On CampusMphasis
 7N. Jashua Daniel19K65A0216EEE2022On CampusMphasis
 8N. Sai Surya18K61A0261EEE2022On CampusUGAM Solutions
 9K. Sai Jagadeesh18K61A0240EEE2022On CampusUGAM Solutions, Wipro, Wipro Turbo
 10Rama naga Sireesha18K61A0208EEE2022On CampusUgam Solutions, TCS, Wipro
 11Kusam Keerthi18K61A0244EEE2022On CampusHexaware
 12B. Maheswari18K61A0210EEE2022On CampusHexaware
 13P. Anudeep18K61A0258EEE2022On CampusWipro, Capgemini
 14Abbas Parameswaran18K61A0275EEE2022On CampusWipro
 15Vasa Gowri Sai Sri Charan19K65A0229EEE2022On CampusWipro
 16Shaik Naseer18K61A0227EEE2022On CampusWipro
 17Pavan Kumar18K61A0241EEE2022On CampusWipro
 18B. Renuka Devi18K61A0213EEE2022On CampusTCS, Wipro2
 19K. Amrutha Prabha18K61A0236EEE2022On CampusTCS
 20N. Jashua Daniel19K65A0216EEE2022On CampusTCS
 21Bhuvana Santoshi Likhita18K61A0223EEE2022On CampusWipro NTH
 22A. Mahima Kumari18K61A0202EEE2022On CampusWipro Turbo
 23B. Bhavana18K61A0207EEE2022Off CampusMphasis , Infosys
 24K. Navyasri18K61A0228EEE2022On CampusATOS GLOBAL, KPITechnologies PVT Ltd, NTTData
 25Ravi Kumar Allam Allam19K65A0222EEE2022On CampusWipro
 26Shaik Safiya Shaheen18K61A0264EEE2022On CampusWipro, HCL, APSSDC- VIRTUSA
 27Bhagya Sai Surekha18K61A0273EEE2022On CampusWipro, Capgemini
 28P. Bhanu Prakash19K65A0218EEE2022On CampusWipro
 29K. Haripriya18K61A0227EEE2022On CampusWipro NTH
 30Sanaboina Bhagya Priya18K61A0262EEE2022On CampusKPITechnologies PVT Ltd.
 31KJVS Pavan Kalyan18K61A0239EEE2022On CampusHCL
 32P. Bhumika DIvya18K61A0254EEE2022On CampusQuest Global, Infosys
 33T. Sri Sai Sarvani18K61A0272EEE2022On CampusAPSSDC- VIRTUSA
 34Ambati Anusree18K61A0204EEE2022On CampusZENQ
 35P. Durga18K61A0257EEE2022On CampusCAPGEMINI
 36K. V. Subbarao18K61A0237EEE2022On CampusCAPGEMINI, ITC Infotech, Wipro
 37D. Jayanth18K61A0220EEE2022On CampusCAPGEMINI, ITC Infotech
 38A. Bhargavi18K61A0201EEE2022On CampusITC Infotech
 39M. Ravi Teja18K61A0249EEE2022On CampusITC Infotech
 40M. Sravani18K61A0265EEE2022On CampusITC Infotech
 41V. Vijaya Gowtami18K61A0277EEE2022Off CampusTCS
 42Penugonda Sai Charan19K65A0220EEE2022On CampusITC INFOTECH, Wipro
 43K. Gopala Krishna19K65A0208EEE2022On CampusWipro
 44K. Rajesh19K65A0209EEE2022On CampusWipro
 45B. Jyotsna Prasanna18K61A0214EEE2022On CampusITC INFOTECH
 46Rachuri Jitendra Vinay19K65A0221EEE2022On CampusWipro
 47Shaik Farooq19K65A0226EEE2022On CampusWipro
 48N P V Surersh19K65A0213EEE2022On CampusWipro
 49CH. Bharat Sai19K65A0203EEE2022On CampusWipro
 50S. Siva Chandu19K65A0228EEE2022On CampusWipro
 51Panja Satya Eswari18K61A0252EEE2022Off CampusTata ELXSI
 52N. Bhupendra Manikanta Sai19K65A0217EEE2022On CampusWipro
 53Yerra Bhavani18K61A0280EEE2022On CampusWipro
 54M. Bala Santosh Kumar19K65A0215EEE2022On CampusWipro
 55D. Divya Sai Durga18K61A0218EEE2022On CampusWipro
 56A. Naga Lakshmi18K61A0203EEE2022On CampusWipro
 57K. Charan Vamsi18K61A0230EEE2022On CampusNTT Data, HCL
 58P. Sandhya18K61A0251EEE2022On CampusInfosys
 59M. Jayanti18K61A0247EEE2022On CampusInfosys
 60Bhanu Dhana sai Pavan kumar Kurapati18K61A0243EEE2022On CampusWipro
 61V Indra Durga18K61A0276EEE2022On CampusSyntel / Wipro 2
 62Jasti Veera Venkata Sairam18K61A0226EEE2022On CampusCapgemini

Placements Details – Academic Year 2020 – 2021

S. No.Student NameEnrolment No.DisciplineYear of Passing from InstitutionOn Campus / Off  Campus PlacementEmployer Name
1Balla Srilekha17K61A0205EEE2021On CampusVerzeo
2Bhogadi Jagadeeswar17K61A0208EEE2021On CampusRamtech
3Kondepati Virupa17K61A0219EEE2021On CampusVerzeo
4Mohammad Fathima Khan17K61A0228EEE2021On CampusVerzeo
5Mullapudi karthika Valli17K61A0230EEE2021On CampusVerzeo
6Thokala Srivarsha17K61A0257EEE2021On CampusVerzeo
7Voduri Kiranmai17K61A0258EEE2021On CampusVerzeo
8Durga Prasad Godugu18K65A0206EEE2021On CampusKIML
9Kankatala BVV Suresh18K65A0208EEE2021On CampusKIML
10Madamala Vani Sai Sridevi17K61A0222EEE2021On CampusMphasis
11Madhavarapu Renusree17K61A0223EEE2021On CampusMphasis
12Thadi Sravani Devi17K61A0256EEE2021On CampusMphasis
13A.Pratap Chakravarthi18K65A0201EEE2021On CampusMphasis
14Kolli guru Vara Prasad18K65A0212EEE2021On CampusISUZU Motors
15Manda V D Sai Reddy18K65A0215EEE2021On CampusL & T Technology Services
16Pilli Sheshma Bhavani17K61A0242EEE2021On CampusUgam Solutions
17B.V.Y.N. Venkata Lakshmi17K61A0207EEE2021On CampusDeloitte
18Tiru Durga18K65A0222EEE2021Off CampusHCL Technologies
19M Balaji1761A0231EEE2021Off CampusTCS
20M L N Durga Bhavani1761A0233EEE2021Off CampusInfosys
21Tadi Siva Kumar1761A0252EEE2021Off CampusTCS
22Tamiri Durga Dinesh1761A0254EEE2021Off CampusWipro
23Y Naga Vinay Kumar1761A0260EEE2021Off CampusTCS
24M Venkata Surya Prabha1761A0234EEE2021On CampusUgam Solutions
25Kusuma Lalitha kala P17K61A0240EEE2021Off CampusTCS
26Immanni Bagya Satya Sindhu17K61A0215EEE2021Off CampusHCL Technologies
27Munakala Rukmini Devi17K61A0232EEE2021Off CampusTCS
28Karri Venkat Reddy17K61A0227EEE2021Off CampusTCS
29Bhuvaneswari Bathina17K61A0206EEE2021Off CampusTCS
30Kundeti Ananda Raju18K65A0213EEE2021Off CampusTCS
31Jonnada Harini17K61A0216EEE2021Off CampusIVY
32R Prasanna Rani17K61A0247EEE2021Off CampusAlchemy Techsol India Pvt Ltd
33Vinod Mallapudi18K65A0214EEE2021Off CampusCapgemini
34Poojitha Saragalla17K61A0249EEE2021Off CampusCapgemini
35Pasuleti Siri Sahithi17K61A0238EEE2021Off CampusMphasis
36Hema Durga17K61A0204EEE2021Off CampusIlensys
37Devi Suvyanavi Vardhini P17K61A0243EEE2021Off CampusDXC Technologies
38Bandaru Divya Krishna18K65A0203EEE2021Off CampusCapgemini
39Parimi Dilip kumar17K61A0237EEE2021Off CampusWipro
40Jayasri Namdyala17K61A0235EEE2021Off CampusTech Mahendra
41P Deepika17K61A0241EEE2021Off CampusAdam Info Tech
42P Haritha Hema Rani17K61A0255EEE2021Off CampusTachyon
43Alapati Laxmi17K61A0202EEE2021Off CampusAdam Info Tech
44D Srinivas Kumar18K65A0231EEE2021Off CampusMphasis
45M Lavanya17K61A0227EEE2021Off CampusTachyon
46M Jayakrishna18K65A0216EEE2021Off CampusIlensys
47S Ravi Teja18K65A0221EEE2021Off CampusMaa Harsiddhi Infra developer Pvt Ltd
48R Rajyalaxmi17K61A0246EEE2021Off CampusWipro
49P Ramya17K61A0244EEE2021Off CampusInfosys
50P Sreeram Roshan17K61A0245EEE2021Off CampusVizag Steel Plant
51M Charishma Priya Varalaxmi17K61A0226EEE2021Off CampusAnewa Eng Pvt Ltd
52K Mounika18K65A0209EEE2021Off CampusAnewa Eng Pvt Ltd
53K Ravi Teja Sai18K65A0210EEE2021Off CampusHTC Holdings Pvt Ltd
54A Hari Daneswara Rao18K65A0202EEE2021Off CampusKlaus IT Solutions
55B Rajkumar18K65A0204EEE2021Off CampusAlchemy Techsol India Pvt Ltd
56Y Pavan Kumar18K65A0225EEE2021Off CampusTCS
57S Sai Saily17K61A0248EEE2021Off CampusAccenture

 S. No.Student NameRoll No.DisciplineYear of Passing from InstitutionOn Campus / Off Campus PlacementEmployer Name
 1.RAYAPUREDDY AMULYA16K61A0255EEE2020On CampusHCL Technologies
 2.SAIDU VASUKI16K61A0258EEE2020On CampusHCL Technologies
 3.CHUNDRU JAYA SRUTHI16K61A0209EEE2020On CampusAliens Group
 4.BUDDANA VAMSI17K65A0203EEE2020On CampusAliens Group
 5.UPPU KARTHEEK17K65A0223EEE2020On CampusAliens Group
 6.RAGALA DIVYA MAHALAKSHMI16K61A0252EEE2020On CampusCognizant
 7.GEDI BHANU PADMAJA16K61A0221EEE2020Off CampusInfosys
 8.POTNURI MOHAN KRISHNA16K61A0251EEE2020On CampusWipro Technologies
 9.MAMILLAPALLI TEJASWINI16K61A0233EEE2020On CampusAllsec Technologies
 10.MUTYALAHIMA NAGA DIVYA16K61A0243EEE2020On CampusAllsec Technologies
 11.VEMPATAPU ARUNA KEERTHI16K61A0269EEE2020On CampusAllsec Technologies
 12.VEMAVARAPU PUJITHA DEVI17K65A0224EEE2020On CampusAllsec Technologies
 13.CHUKKALASOLMONRAJU16K61A0208EEE2020On CampusDXC Technologies
 14.NANDAMURISURYACHANDRARAO16K61A0245EEE2020On CampusDXC Technologies
 15.VATTIKUTIVENKATASAI RAM16K61A0268EEE2020On CampusJust Dial
 16.KASSE BHARAT KUMAR17K65A0210EEE2020On CampusE Zone
 17.TAPA SAIKIRAN17K65A0222EEE2020On CampusE Zone
 18.MADDULA NAGARJUNA16K61A0232EEE2020Off CampusIVY software development  service PVT LTD
 19.D K SAI DURGA16K61A0211EEE2020Off CampusILENSYS Technology PVT LTD
 20.S NDURGA BHAVANI17K65A0220EEE2020Off CampusGOVT. OF A.P ,Panchayati raj dept.
 21.Y DIVYA SRI17K65A0226EEE2020Off CampusInfosys
 22.D NAVEEN KUMAR16K61A0214EEE2020Off CampusAmazon
 23.T SATYA MANASA16K61A0260EEE2020Off CampusAltran Technology PVT LTD
 24.P DEEPIKA16K61A0250EEE2020Off CampusAltran Technology PVT LTD
 25.N HARIKARANI16K61A0247EEE2020Off CampusILENSYS Technology PVT LTD
 26.N SAGAR16K61A0248EEE2020Off CampusGranules India LTD
 27.S RAGHUSAI16K61A0259EEE2020Off CampusGranules India LTD
 28.P VENKATESWARI17K65A0217EEE2020Off CampusIVY software development  service PVT LTD
 29.KALAKANTI SATISH17K65A0228EEE2020Off CampusMaa Harsidhi Developers PVT LTD
 30.MEKA PAVANI16K61A0240EEE2020Off CampusIVY software development  service PVT LTD
 31.MEKA ANANTHA LAKSHMI16K61A0239EEE2020Off CampusIVY software development  service PVT LTD
 32.NAGARAJU SUVARNA DEEPTHI16K61A0244EEE2020Off CampusMaa Harsidhi Developers PVT LTD
 33.N. NAVYS SREE16K61A0246EEE2020Off CampusAltran Technologies
 34.R. LAXMI PUJITHA16K61A0254EEE2020Off CampusILensys Technologies
 35.MUTHYALA YAMINI16K61A0242EEE2020Off CampusGenius Consultant Litd
 36.RAMISETTY SAI PRATHYUSA16K65A0253EEE2020Off CampusAltran Technologies
 37.BOBBILI ADINARAYANA17K65A0227EEE2020Off CampusMaa Harsidhi Developers PVT LTD
 38.KHANDAPALLI YASWANI16K61A0227EEE2020Off CampusAltran Technologies
 39.UPPATI SYLASHBABU16K61A0265EEE2020Off CampusTachyan Technologies
 40.GUDURI SAI KRISHNA17K65A0217EEE2020Off CampusMaa Harsidhi Developers PVT LTD

Placements Details – Academic Year 2018 – 2019

S. No.Student NameEnrollment No.DisciplineYear of Passing from InstitutionOn Campus /Off Campus PlacementEmployer Name
7PACHAMATLA RAVI TEJA15K61A0252EEE2019On CampusJust Dial
8KANDULAOMKARNATH16K65A0216EEE2019Off CampusTessolve
9VAVILAPALLIKIRAN KUMAR16K65A0229EEE2019Off CampusTessolve
10SINDHUSRIMANDA15K61A0243EEE2019On CampusCognizant
11R N D KEERTHANA15K61A0267EEE2019On CampusCognizant
12BORRABHAGATH KUMAR15K61A0210EEE2019Off CampusAmiti Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
13DUTTA RAM SAI15K61A0220EEE2019Off CampusMaaHarsiddhi Infra Developers Pvt Ltd
15BODAPATINAGENDRABABU15K61A0209EEE2019Off CampusInventraxHq, Vskp
16JUTTIGAAYYAPPA16K65A0215EEE2019Off CampusQuantanaPvt Ltd
17BOKKA JAYA RAM16K65A0205EEE2019Off CampusVinayak Steels Ltd
18TANUKU JAYA SURYA16K65A0226EEE2019Off CampusAzure power
19SUNKARA SIVA SAI GANESH15K61A0271EEE2019Off CampusAg Jewellary PVT LTD
21GUDAGEETANJALI15K61A0225EEE2019Off CampusTachyanTechnologiesPVT LTD
22GANNINA PAVITHRA15K61A0222EEE2019Off CampusAlbenus  Enlightened Thoughts
23CHAMANA PRABHAKAR15K61A0212EEE2019Off CampusKaveesh Engineers India PVT LTD
24MAKKA RAMA NAIDU15K61A0241EEE2019Off CampusGranuels India LTD
25CHINNAMSETTISAIKIRAN15K61A0215EEE2019Off CampusMaaHarsiddhi Infra Developers Pvt Ltd
26MUPPIDISAITEJA15K61A0246EEE2019Off CampusAnewa Engineering PVT LTD
27SURANENIVENKATRAO16K65A0225EEE2019Off CampusAnewa Engineering PVT LTD
28GOPISETTIDURGABHAVANI16K65A0211EEE2019Off CampusLecturer in SreeMullapudiVenkataraya Memorial Polytechnic
29GULLAPALLISAIKUMAR15K61A0227EEE2019Off CampusInventrax HQ Vizag
31A.DHANA LAKSHMI16K65A0202EEE2019Off CampusSreeMullapudiVenkataraya Memorial Polytechnic
32PRIYANKANIMMAGADDA16K61A0250EEE2019Off CampusTOLLPLUS, Advanced Tolling Solutions
33D. NAGA AJAY KUMAR15K61A0217EEE2019Off CampusGenius Consultants Ltd.
34ANDE ANIL15K61A0204EEE2019Off CampusAlchemy Techsol
35GANTALOKESHPRASAD15K61Ao223EEE2019Off CampusAzure power
36K. SESHU KUMAR15K61A0235EEE2019Off CampusAlchemy Techsol
37KOTI ANIL KUMAR15K61A0238EEE2019Off CampusGenius Consultants Ltd.
38MARISETTIBHAVANIDURGA15K61A0244EEE2019Off CampusTachyon Technologies
39POLISETTIPRIYANKA15K61A0261EEE2019Off CampusTachyon Technologies
40PULLA JHANSI SAI15K61A0265EEE2019Off CampusVerraki Tech services PVT.Ltd..
41BASAVASWATHI15K61A0207EEE2019Off CampusVerraki Tech services PVT.Ltd..
42BASIVIREDDYANUSHA15K61A0208EEE2019Off CampusCode tree software solutions PVT Ltd..
44KOTA KEERTHANA15k61A0237EEE2019Off CampusCode tree software solutions PVT Ltd..
45MULLAPUDISANDHYA15K61A0245EEE2019Off CampusToll plus
46MURUKONDASUNITHA15K61A0247EEE2019Off CampusILENSYS Technologies PVT Ltd..
47TANIKONDAKALYANI15k61A0275EEE2019Off CampusAltron Technologies
48ANDEYJYOTHISAIKUMAR15K61A0205EEE2019Off CampusYou tube
49Y. SUVARCHALA DEVI15k61A0288EEE2019Off CampusPostal Dept
50E. SATYAKIRAN16K65A0210EEE2019Off CampusPharma Company
51I. PAVAN16K65A0 213EEE2019Off CampusElectrical maintenance engineer



Companies Visited



S.NoReg NoName of The StudentCompany Name
112K61A0447K V S Rajya LakshmiNTT Data Global Delivery Services Limited
212K61A04A3T Sri MounikaNTT Data Global Delivery Services Limited
312K61A0461M V V Satya SureshExceloid Soft Systems
412K61A0441K S P P BhaskarMphasis
512K61A0452K Sri Naga SindhuMphasis
612K61A0454M Chandramouli KrishnaMphasis
712K61A0461M V V Satya SureshMphasis
812K61A0463M Sri PrahasithMphasis
912K61A0467Mutta BhavyaMphasis
1012K61A0496Sree Ramya GMphasis
1112K61A04A5Vadlamudi Hema SushmaMphasis
1212K61A0401A Veni RukminiMphasis
1312K61A04A7V Baby Sri DivyaMphasis
1412K61A0410A V S N SareeshData Patterns (India) Pvt Ltd.
1512K61A0480Pendyala LakshmiPetrofac
1612K61A0413B Naga LakshmiHCL Talentcare
1712K61A0426Danduboina Vijaya Durga PrasadHCL Talentcare
1812K61A0432G BalasriHCL Talentcare
1912K61A0433G V S N PriyankaHCL Talentcare
2012K61A0443K S Ravindra BharathiHCL Talentcare
2112K61A0444K Hima BinduHCL Talentcare
2212K61A0453M T SaikiranHCL Talentcare
2312K61A0462M SivaparvathiHCL Talentcare
2412K61A0464M AsrithaHCL Talentcare
2512K61A0481P BangarrajuHCL Talentcare
2612K61A0485R PriyankaHCL Talentcare
2712K61A0488R Sowmya PriyankaHCL Talentcare
2812K61A0494S Harika RupaHCL Talentcare
2912K61A04A2T L P TejaswiHCL Talentcare
3012K61A04B0V KavyasriHCL Talentcare
3113K65A0405G R V PrasadHCL Talentcare
32122E1A0418G BhargavHCL Talentcare
3312K61A0433G V S N PriyankaValue Labs
3412K61A04B3V Sai KrishnaValue Labs
3512K61A0493S H T srikireetiIVTL Infoview Technologies Pvt.Ltd
36122E1A0418G BhargavIVTL Infoview Technologies Pvt.Ltd
3712K61A0430Gaddam RakeshMicromax (Bhagwati Products Limited)
3813K65A0403B ThrinathMicromax (Bhagwati Products Limited)
39122E1A0435K V S K MohanHCL Technologies
4012K61A0407A Anil KumarHCL Technologies
4112K61A0432G BalasriHCL Technologies
4212K61A0468N Lakshmi DurgaHCL Technologies
4312K61A0481P BangarrajuHCL Technologies
4413K65A0407G Harikiran PradeepHCL Technologies
4513K65A0422S S V K Anil KumarHCL Technologies
46122E1A0407B SivajiHCL Technologies
4712K61A0410A V S N SareeshTata Consultancy Services Limited








Industrial Visits
S.No.Name of the OrganizationNumber of Students VisitedDate of Visit
1.765kv/ 132kV Gas Insulated Substation, Vemagiri.5013-02-2019 & 14-02-2019
2.Field Visit To “Power Grid 765/400KV GIS Substation” Vemagiri.4612/12/2018 & 13/12/2018
3.Field Visit -765/132 KV Gas Insulated Substation, Substation, Veamagiri4619-02-2018
4.Field Visit -Gas Turbo Power Station, Power Station, Vijjeswaram10006-02-2018 & 07-02-2018
S NoName of the organizationNo of students visitedDate of visit
1Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL) at Kakinada6004/02/2017
2GVK Power Plant, Phase-II, Jegurupadu7005/10/2016
3Dr. NTTPS, Ibrahimpatnam8627/02/2016
4132kV/33kV Substation, Pedatadepalli12014/03/2016 & 15/03/2016
5Visakhapatnam steel plant7519/03/2016
6Gas Turbo Power Station, Vijjeswaram12117/03/2015 & 18/03/2015
7132KV/33KV Substation , Pedatadepalli6630/09/2014

  • Low cost power quality analyzer using aurdino and SCI lab
  • Automatic plan to watering system using aurdino
  • Removing of toxic gases from smoke through catalytic converter
  • Autonomous movement of quadcopter
  • RFID based attendance system
  • Wireless charging of electrical vehicles
  • Aurdino based automatic railway gate control
  • Traffic light switching based on density and emergency vehicles
  • Heart beat monitoring using ARDUINO NAND & IR based sensor

  • Predictive Current Control Of Three Phase Three Level T-Type Npc Inverter Using Pic Micro Controller
  • Predictive Current Control of Voltage Source Inverter
  • A SVPWM Based Scalar Control for VSI fed Induction Motor Drive
  • Analysis, Design And Control Of Zero Voltage Switching Quasi Resonant Integrated Dual Output Converter
  • High Order Vector Control of Grid Connected Voltage Source Converters with L-C-L Filters
  • Auto Balancing of Aircraft
  • Boost Derived Hybrid Converter With Simultaneous Ac & Dc Outputs
  • Electrical Load Survey For Domestic And Industrial Consumers

  • Design and analysis of six phase induction dc motor
  • High Voltage Gain Interleaved DC Boost Converter Application for Photovoltaic Generation System
  • High voltage step- up dc- dc converter using coupled inductor and switched capacitor techniques
  • Maximum power point tracking system for solar panel
  • A hybrid model of solar and wind power generation system
  • Microcontroller based single phase BLDC drive runs at desired speed
  • Power-management strategies for a grid-connected PV-FC hybrid system

  • Toppers List

    Academic YearYearSemReg NoName of the StudentPercentage
    2017-18III17K65A0220S Ndurga Bhavani8.64
    2017-18III17K65A0226Yadlapalli Divya Sri8.64
    2017-18III16K61A0243M Hima Naga Divya8.50
    2017-18IIII16K65A0221NN V Dasaradhi82.59
    2017-18IIII16K65A0228Vadali Vasanthi82.59
    2017-18IIII16K65A0229V Kirankumar80.0
    2017-18IVI15K65A0224Goppisetti Manimala91.17
    2017-18IVI15K65A0203A Lakshmi Santhoshi87.31
    2017-18IVI15K65A0204Annamneedi Tejasri85.66
    2017-18IIII16K61A0422Chirla Satya Krishna Sri9.59
    2017-18IIII17K65A0226Yadlapalli Divya Sri9.18
    2017-18IIII16K61A0243Mutyala Hima Naga Divya8.41
    2017-18IIIII16K65A0228Vadali Vasanthi81.6
    2017-18IIIII16K65A0288Yarramsetti Suvarchala Devi80.53
    2017-18IIIII16K65A0216Kandula Omkarnath80.4
    2017-18IVII15K65A0204Annamneedi Tejasri89.00
    2017-18IVII15K65A0237Motupalli Sai Bindu83.17
    2017-18IVII15K65A0254Yandra Monica82.50

Toppers List

Academic YearYearSemReg NoName of the StudentPercentage
2016-17III15K61A0288Y Suvarchala Devi84.0
2016-17III16K65A0221N N V Dasaradhi82.27
2016-17III15K61A0209B Nagendrababu81.47
2016-17IIII15K65A0224Gopisetti Manimala92.82
2016-17IIII15K65A0254Yandra Monica87.41
2016-17IIII15K65A0204Annamneedi Tejasri84.71
2016-17IVI14K65A0226Md R tunnisa Begum92.97
2016-17IVI13K61A0245Yalamarthi Vaiplavi87.03
2016-17IVI14K65A0223Md Neha86.35
2016-17IIII16K65A0228Vadali Vasanthi84.13
2016-17IIII16K65A0221N N V Dasaradhi83.20
2016-17IIII15K61A0209B Nagendrababu78.53
2016-17IIIII15K65A0237M Sai Bindu85.6
2016-17IIIII14K65A0238P S D Satyanarayana81.2
2016-17IIIII15K65A0204A Tejasri85.6
2016-17IIIII15K65A0221Gandrothula Rajarajeswari82.4
2016-17IVII14K65A0226Md R tunnisa Begum89.17
2016-17IVII13K61A0245Yalamarthi Vaiplavi88.5
2016-17IVII13K61A0216Jami Bhanurekha86.34

Toppers List

Academic YearYearSemReg NoName of the StudentPercentage
2015-16III15K65A0224G Manimala93.87
2015-16III15K65A0237M Sai Bindu87.33
2015-16III15K65A0221G Rajarajeswari81.07
2015-16IIII13K61A0216J Bhanurekha83.18
2015-16IIII14K65A0226Md R Tunnisa Begum82.24
2015-16IIII14K65A0236Peruri Chamanthi Sai Priya79.18
2015-16IVI12K61A0232K Sai Krishna80.13
2015-16IVI12K61A0221G Prasanna78.00
2015-16IVI13K65A0220K S Durga Prasad77.73
2015-16IIII15K65A0204A Tejasri87.20
2015-16IIII15K65A0221G Rajarajeswari87.20
2015-16IIII15K65A0224G Manimala87.07
2015-16IIIII14K65A0236P C Sai Priya81.47
2015-16IIIII14K65A0238P S D Satyanarayana81.2
2015-16IIIII14K65A0223Md Neha80.93
2015-16IIIII14K65A0226Md R tunnisa Begum80.93
2015-16IVII12K61A0270Reddy Hema Harshitha87.67
2015-16IVII12K61A0230Kadali Aparna87.17
2015-16IVII12K61A0252M Ratna Durga81.67

Toppers List

Academic YearYearSemReg NoName of the StudentPercentage
2014-15III14K65A0226Md R Tannisa Begum91.33
2014-15III13K61A0216J Bhanurekha86.13
2014-15III14K65A0223Md Neha84.53
2014-15IIII13K65A0220K S Durga Prasad82.53
2014-15IIII12K61A0232K Sai Krishna82.4
2014-15IIII13K65A0217J B Satya Sri81.87
2014-15IVI11K61A0246T Kedarnadh87.47
2014-15IVI12K65A0205K Sravani79.87
2014-15IVI12K65A0206K Narendra Kumar79.33
2014-15IVI12K65A0214V.Santosh Kumar79.33
2014-15IIII14K65A0223Md Neha89.07
2014-15IIII14K65A0236P Ch Sai Priya86.00
2014-15IIII14K65A0226M R tunnisa Begum85.07
2014-15IIIII12K61A0270R Hema Harshitha83.07
2014-15IIIII13K65A0220K S Durga Prasad80.93
2014-15IIIII12K61A0232K Sai Krishna79.60
2014-15IVII11K61A0225M Pravallika85.17
2014-15IVII11K61A0243S Lakshmi83.83
2014-15IVII11K61A0251V V S Sasanka Sasthri82.00

Toppers List

Academic YearYearSemReg NoName of the StudentPercentage
2013-14III13K65A0220K Sai Durga Prasad81.09
2013-14III13K65A0223K Sravan Teja78.79
2013-14III13K65A0217J Bhargavi Satya Sri77.82
2013-14IIII12K65A0205K Sravani79.87
2013-14IIII12K65A0214V.Santosh Kumar79.47
2013-14IVI10K61A0203A Sai Chaitanya76.13
2013-14IVI10K61A0243Nagula Raghu75.47
2013-14IVI13K65A0220K S Durga Prasad77.73
2013-14IIII12K61A0221G Prasanna83.3
2013-14IIII12K61A0232K Sai Krishna83.0
2013-14IIII13K65A0233Kodi Sravan Teja83.0
2013-14IIIII14K65A0236P C Sai Priya81.47
2013-14IIIII14K65A0238P S D Satyanarayana81.2
2013-14IIIII14K65A0223Md Neha80.93
2013-14IIIII14K65A0226Md R tunnisa Begum80.93
2013-14IVII12K61A0270Reddy Hema Harshitha87.67
2013-14IVII12K61A0230Kadali Aparna87.17
2013-14IVII12K61A0252M Ratna Durga81.67
  • Faculty Details 2020-21

    S.NoUnique No.NameQualificationDesignationExperience
    1S18EEE203Dr. W A AugusteenM.E, Ph.DProfessor & HOD15 Years
    2S19EEE204Dr. P Hema ChanduM.Tech, MIE, Ph.DProfessor13 Years
    3S08EEE238Dr.E Aswani KumarM.E, Ph.DProfessor14 Years
    4S18EEE202Dr. S Ram SubbannaM.Tech, Ph.DProfessor13 Years
    5S20EEE205Dr. Shaik Mohammad RafeeM.Tech, Ph.DAssociate Professor19 Years
    6S20EEE202Dr. Avagaddi PrasadM.Tech, Ph.DAssociate Professor10 Years
    7S20EEE201Dr. Damodhar ReddyM.Tech, Ph.DAssistant Professor09 Years
    8S20EEE203Dr. R. Pavan Kumar NaiduM.Tech, Ph.DAssistant Professor05 Years
    9S20EEE210Dr.A.Mohan Durga KumarM.Tech, Ph.DAssistant Professor01 Years
    10S11EEE205Mr P Hema SundarM.TechAssociate Professor09 Years
    11S16EEE212Mr A V Srinivasa RaoM.TechAssociate Professor18 Years
    12S13EEE219Mr.G. SatyanarayanaM.TechAssistant Professor07 Years
    13S13EEE216Mr.M. Penchala PratapM.TechAssistant Professor12 Years
    14S15EEE203Mr.K. N. V. SivaM.TechAssistant Professor11 Years
    15S16EEE215Mrs. Ch JayasriM.TechAssistant Professor14 Years
    16S15EEE204Mr.B RaghavendraM.TechAssistant Professor05 Years
    17S15EEE207Mr.M.Narayana MurthyM.TechAssistant Professor08 Years
    18S19EEE208Mr.D.RakeshM.TechAssistant Professor01 Years
    19S19EEE209Mr.S.RajeshM.TechAssistant Professor01 Years
    20S16EEE202Mr.G.V.Appa RaoM.TechAssistant Professor8 Years
    21S19EEE210Mrs. K Phani SantoshiM.TechAssistant Professor01 Years
    22S19EEE211Mr.Ch RaviM.TechAssistant Professor01 Years
    23S19EEE212Mrs. M. MeghanaM.TechAssistant Professor01 Years
    24S18EEE201Mr. Y Sai NathM.TechAssistant Professor04 Years
    25S19EEE213Mrs. B.SaradhaM.TechAssistant Professor01 Years
    26S20EEE206Mr. A.SridharM.Tech, (Ph.D Pursuing)Assistant Professor09 Years
    27S20EEE209Mr.ASNR. GopalM.TechAssistant Professor04 Years
    28S20EEE214Mr. Nanajee KarriM.Tech, (Ph.D Pursuing)Assistant Professor07 Years
    29S14EEE204M. R. V MuraliM.Tech, (Ph.D Pursuing)Assistant Professor06 Years
    30S16EEE203P.Ajay Sai KiranM.E, (Ph.D Pursuing)Assistant Professor05 Years
    31S19EEE205P. Rama KrishnaM.TechAssistant Professor06 Years
    32S20EEE211Mr. Alapati Bala NarayanaM.TechAssistant Professor01 Years
    33S20EEE213G.Mounika SharonM.TechAssistant ProfessorFresher
    34S20EEE215R.Koti BabuM.TechAssistant Professor01 Years
    35S18EEE204V. Rama KrishnaM.TechAssistant Professor08 Years
    36S15EEE209M. M. Swamy NaiduM.TechAssistant Professor03 Years
    37S17EEE204Ch SrinivasM.TechAssistant Professor05 Years
    38S19EEE207R. Ratna Mani SriM.TechAssistant Professor03 Years
    39S10EEE205V. L. N SastryM.TechAssociate Professor08 Years

    Faculty Details 2019-20

    S.NoUnique No.NameQualificationDesignationExperience
    1S18EEE201Dr. M SridharM.Tech, Ph.DProfessor & HOD17 Years
    2S18EEE203Dr. W A AugusteenM.E, Ph.DProfessor14 Years
    3S19EEE204Dr. P Hema ChanduM.Tech, MIE, Ph.DProfessor12 Years
    4S08EEE238Mr. E Aswani KumarM.E, (Ph.D Pursuing)Professor13 Years
    5S18EEE202Dr. S Ram SubbannaM.Tech, Ph.DAssociate Professor12 Years
    6S16EEE204Dr. A Ravi KantM.Tech, Ph.DAssociate Professor04 Years
    7S10EEE205V. L. N SastryM.TechAssociate Professor07 Years
    8S16EEE212Mr. A V Srinivasa RaoM.TechAssociate Professor17 Years
    9S13EEE218Mr. M. Krishna ChaitanyaM.TechAssociate Professor12 Years
    10S13EEE216Mr.M. Penchala PratapM.TechAssistant Professor11 Years
    11S11EEE205Mr P Hema SundarM.TechAssociate Professor08 Years
    12S13EEE219Mr.G. SatyanarayanaM.TechAssistant Professor06 Years
    13S15EEE203Mr.K. N. V. SivaM.TechAssistant Professor10 Years
    14S16EEE215Mrs. Ch JayasriM.TechAssistant Professor13 Years
    15S14EEE204M. R. V MuraliM.Tech, (Ph.D Pursuing)Assistant Professor05 Years
    16S15EEE209M. M. Swamy NaiduM.TechAssistant Professor02 Years
    17S15EEE204Mr.B RaghavendraM.TechAssistant Professor04 Years
    18S15EEE207Mr.M.Narayana MurthyM.TechAssistant Professor07 Years
    19S16EEE208Mr. K Raja RaoM.TechAssistant Professor04 Years
    20S16EEE203P.Ajay Sai KiranM.EAssistant Professor04 Years
    21S16EEE202Mr.G.V.Appa RaoM.TechAssistant Professor07 Years
    22S17EEE204Ch SrinivasM.TechAssistant Professor04 Years
    23S18EEE204V. Rama KrishnaM.TechAssistant Professor07 Years
    24S18EEE201Mr. Y Sai NathM.TechAssistant Professor03 Years
    25S19EEE207Ms. R. Ratna Mani SriM.TechAssistant Professor02 Years
    26S19EEE208Mr. I. Kranthi KumarM.TechAssistant Professor01 Years
    27S19EEE205P. Rama KrishnaM.TechAssistant Professor05 Years

    Faculty Details 2018-19

    S.NoUnique No.NameQualificationDesignationExperience
    1S18EEE201Dr. M SridharM.Tech, Ph.DProfessor & HOD16 Years
    2S18EEE203Dr. W A AugusteenM.E, Ph.DProfessor13 Years
    3S08EEE238Mr. E Aswani KumarM.E, (Ph.D Pursuing)Professor12 Years
    4S18EEE202Dr. S Ram SubbannaM.Tech, Ph.DAssociate Professor11 Years
    5S16EEE204Dr. A Ravi KantM.Tech, Ph.DAssociate Professor03 Years
    6S10EEE205V. L. N SastryM.TechAssociate Professor06 Years
    7S16EEE212Mr. A V Srinivasa RaoM.TechAssociate Professor16 Years
    8S11EEE202Mr. K. Srinivasa RaoM.TechAssociate Professor10 Years
    9S13EEE218Mr. M. Krishna ChaitanyaM.TechAssociate Professor11 Years
    10S13EEE215Mr. N. NagendraM.TechAssistant Professor10 Years
    11S13EEE216Mr.M. Penchala PratapM.TechAssistant Professor10 Years
    12S11EEE205Mr P Hema SundarM.TechAssociate Professor07 Years
    13S13EEE219Mr.G. SatyanarayanaM.TechAssistant Professor05 Years
    14S15EEE203Mr.K. N. V. SivaM.TechAssistant Professor09 Years
    15S16EEE215Mrs. Ch JayasriM.TechAssistant Professor12 Years
    16S14EEE204M. R. V MuraliM.Tech, (Ph.D Pursuing)Assistant Professor04 Years
    17S15EEE209M. M. Swamy NaiduM.TechAssistant Professor01 Years
    18S15EEE204Mr.B RaghavendraM.TechAssistant Professor03 Years
    19S15EEE207Mr.M.Narayana MurthyM.TechAssistant Professor06 Years
    20S16EEE208Mr. K Raja RaoM.TechAssistant Professor03 Years
    21S16EEE203P.Ajay Sai KiranM.EAssistant Professor04 Years
    22S16EEE202Mr.G.V.Appa RaoM.TechAssistant Professor06 Years
    23S16EEE209MS. D. DurgaM.TechAssistant Professor02 Years
    24S17EEE204Ch SrinivasM.TechAssistant Professor03 Years
    25S17EEE205Mr. B A S KarteekM.TechAssistant Professor02 Years
    26S18EEE204V. Rama KrishnaM.TechAssistant Professor06 Years
    27S18EEE201Mr. Y Sai NathM.TechAssistant Professor02 Years
    28S18EEE207Ms. N Anantha LakshmiM.TechAssistant Professor02 Years

Faculty Publication Details 2016-17

S NoName of the FacultyPublication Name & YearISSN /ISBN no. & Volume/IssueTitle of the Paper
1Sri. M.R.V.MuraliIEEE-July 2016978-1-4673-6659-5/16Enhancement of Power quality with ANFIS Controlled DSTATCOM in Four Wire ThreePhase Distribution System
2A. Ravi KantInternational Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, SERSC, 2017vol. 101, Apr 2017Predictive modeling of the effect of H3BO3 (nm) and TiO2 (µm) mixture on minimum quantity lubrication machining of the EN24 steel
3Dr Sateesh SukhavasiInternational journal of advanced research in electrical, electronics and instrumentation engineering.December 2016 Volume 5, Issue 12, ISSN (print): 2320 -3765 and ISSN (online): 2278 – 8875DPC Technique for Controlling Active and Reactive Power of DFIG
4Dr Sateesh SukhavasiInternational journal of advanced research in electrical, electronics and instrumentation engineeringJanuary 2017 Volume 5, Issue 1, ISSN (print): 2320 -3765 and ISSN (online): 2278 – 8875Design and implementation of linear algebraic controller for broom balancing
5V L N SastryInternational conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, mathematics, physical Education and managementMay 2016A Converter based starting method of a Direct Power control for a Doubly fed induction machine with centrifugal loads
6V L N SastryIEEE – December 2016978-1-5090-1062-2, DOI: 10.1109/MITE.2016.030Effective and Active Learning in Classroom Teaching through Various Methods
7E Aswani KumarSpringer LectureNotes In Electrical Engineering( UGC listed Journal with serial number 24604)DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-1540-3_33Finite Set Model Predictive Current Control of Three Phase Neutral Point Clamped Inverter with Reduced Leg Count
8K Srinivasa RaoIEEE MOOCS-2016978-1-5090-1062-2, DOI: 10.1109/MITE.2016.030Effective and Active Learning in Classroom Teaching through Various Methods
9E. Aswani KumarJournal of Circuits, Systems and Computers (SCIE indexed) Model Predictive Current Control of a Three-Phase T-Type NPC Inverter to Reduce Common Mode Voltage
10E. Aswani KumarSpringer Lecture notes in Electrical Engineering10.1007/978-981-10-1540-3_33Finite Set Model Predictive Current Control of Three Phase Neutral Point Clamped Inverter with Reduced Leg Count
11L.Vamsi Narasimha raoIEEJ2078-2365 Vol-6Application of Synchronous Frame Controller for Grid Connected and Islanding Operation of Distributed Power Generation

Faculty Publication Details 2015-16

S NoName of the FacultyPublication Name & YearISSN /ISBN no. & Volume/IssueTitle of the Paper
1Sri.K. NanajeeIJERA & JULY,20152248-9622Investigation of THD for
Cascaded Multi-Level
Inverter using
Multicarrier Modulation
2Sri.G.SatyanarayanaIJERA & JULY,20152248-9622Investigation of THD for
Cascaded Multi-Level
Inverter using
Multicarrier Modulation
3Sri.N. Venkata RaoJATIT & LLS DEC, 201582 & 2Performance Evaluation
of Quantitative Metrics
on Ancient Text
Documents using MIGT
4Sri.N. Venkata RaoJATIT & LLS DEC, 201582&2Analysis of Canonical
Character Segmentation
Technique for Ancient
Telugu Text Documents
5Sri.V. L.N.SastryIJCEE & Dec 2015Volume 7, Number 6A Novel Speed Control
Strategy for Five Phases
Permanent Magnet
Motor with Linear
Quadratic Regulator
6Sri.E. Aswani KumarICECIT & Dec 2015 Finite set model
predictive current
control of three phase
neutral point clamped
inverter with
reduced leg count
7Sri.E. Aswani KumarICECIT-2015978-981-10-1540-3Emerging Trends
in Electrical
8Sri.N. Venkata RaoJATIT & LLS Jan 201683 & 1Optical Character
Recognition Technique
IEEE & 2016978-1-4673-9939-5/16Implementation of Fuzzy
logic controller
in SHPF-TCR power
10Sri.N.NagendraICEECMPE May 2016IRAJA novel control scheme
for five level
phase diode clamped

Faculty Publication Details 2014-15

S NoName of the FacultyPublication Name & YearISSN /ISBN no. & Volume/IssueTitle of the Paper
1Sri. E. Aswani KumarIEEE & Jan 2015DOI:10.1109/EESCO.2015.7253911Smoothening of wind
power fluctuations in
using Z source
DC-DC converter
2Sri. G.Satyanarayana
IJMER & May, 20152249–6645Speed Control of PFC
Quadruple Lift
Positive Output
Luo Converter fed
BLDC Motor Drive
3Sri. V.L.N.SastryIJMER & May, 20152249–6645Speed Control of PFC
Quadruple Lift
Positive Output
Luo Converter fed
BLDC Motor Drive
4Sri. V.L.N.SastryIJMER & May, 20152249–6645Design a PID
Controller by Using
Ziegler’s Nichols
method via a
Mixed Model Order
Reduction Techniques
5Sri. N.NagendraIJMER & May, 20152249–6645Design a PID
Controller by Using
Ziegler’s Nichols
method via a
Mixed Model Order
Reduction Techniques
6Sri. G.SatyanarayanaIJSHRE & May, 20152347-4890Independent Operation
of Two Three
Phase Loads Using
Nine-Switch Inverter
7Sri. V. L.N.SastryIEEJ & June 2015ISSN 2078-2365 6/6, pp. 1917-1924A Novel DC-Side
Current Injection
Technique for 18-Pulse
Converter System to
Improve AC Line
S NoProgram NameResource Person name, DesignationDate
1Testing of transformer and circuit breakerSri R C Sekhar Muvva ,
Field Engineer-Operations
and Maintenance at HPCL,
2Career Planning and personality developmentSri A. Satish
Indian Railways Service Engineer
3Necessity of enhancing Energy Efficiency
in the present Scenario
Sri A. Jagannadha Sharma, DGM,
State Energy Commission Mission (SECM),
Govt. of AP
S NoProgram NameResource Person name, DesignationDate
1Advanced instruments for Electrical EngineeringSri G.Govardhan Reddy15-10-2015
2Guest Lecture Equipment installation
Sri V.Venu Gopalan11-03-2016
3Power System productionSri R C Sekhar Muvva10-03-2016
4Power System productionSri A.Satish08-03-2016
5Power System productionDr.Siva Ganesh Malla22-01-2016
6Power Electronics ConvertersDr. S. Albert Alexander,
Asst. Prof.,
Kongu Enng College, Tamilnadu
S NoProgram NameResource Person name, DesignationDate
1Switched mode power conversionSri P. Anand Kumar Swamy Naidu03-01-2015
2Career and Academic GuidanceSri Y .Ravindranath Tagore16-04-2015
3Motivation to Students, Numerical Solutions
for Mathematical Models using Octave
and Scilab
Dr. Lanka Satya Prasad
Sri E. Aswani Kumar
S NoProgram NameResource Person name, DesignationDate
1Wavelets in Electrical EngineeringSri S.N.V.Ganesh04-04-2014
S NoProgram NameResource Person name, DesignationDate
1Combined Cycle Power PlantSri P.S.A.Kumar15-09-2012
S NoProgram NameResource Person name, DesignationDurationTarget auidence
1Three day workshop on PLC AutomationMr. Himanshu Kumar,
INDWELL Automation, Pune
19th to 23rd December , 2016II, III & IV B.Tech. EEE
2One- day workshop on Arduino programming
using IDE and Scilab
V. Kiran Babu
Assistant Professor
16-04-2015II, III & IV B.Tech,
3One- day workshop on Idea Innovation Using 8051
and PIC Microcontrollers
Dr. A. Ravi Kant
Associate Professor & HOD
28th Feb 2017II, III & IV B.Tech,
S NoProgram NameResource Person name, DesignationDurationTarget auidence
1One Day Certificate Program on Power Medicine
& First Aid
T. Raj Kumar Singh,
Aug 8th 2016II, III & IV B.Tech,
S NoProgram NameResource Person name, DesignationDurationTarget auidence
1Two day workshop on Solar & smart energy
Skyfi education labs PVT LTD1st–2nd December
II, III & IV B.Tech,
2One- day workshop on “MATLAB BASICS”Mr.E.Aswani Kumar,HOD,SITE18th April 2015II, III & IV B.Tech,
3One- day workshop on”PLC & SCADA”Jaya ram , Ajith live wire Company20th April 2015II, III & IV B.Tech,
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Academic Year 2018-2019

S.NoName Of The StudentsName Of The EventVenueDateAward/Reward
1.Ch Kiran TejaYOGASHANA-2018District Yoga Association2018-2019II PRIZE
2.Y Mani SankarROBOTHON -2K19SITE09-03-2019II PRIZE
3.T Siva KumarROBOTHON -2K19SITE09-03-2019III PRIZE
4.G T V R Kalyani


Bora Bhagath Kumar

Merit On Project Expo



University College Of Engineering Kakinada, JNTUK1-03-2019III PRIZE
5.YadlapallidivyasriIEEE, SIENT-19SITE21-02-2019I PRIZE
6.KalyaniWestern Group


Anveshana, Inter Institute Event

SITE22-02-2019II PRIZE
7.GSVD YellareswariPoster Presentation


Anveshana, Inter Institute Event

SITE22-02-2019II PRIZE
8.K Srirama KrishnaRobothon 2k19 SITE2019III PRIZE


Academic Year 2018-2019

S.NoName Of The StudentsName Of The EventVenueDateAward/Reward
1.Ch. PrabhakerTECHNOSOLSir C R Reddy College Of Engineering01-03-2019II PRIZE
2.Chammna Prabhakar


Bora Bhagath Kumar




University College Of Engineering Kakinada, JNTUK02-03-2019II PRIZE
3.Bora Bhagath KumarMerit On Project Expo



University College Of Engineering Kakinada, JNTUK1-03-2019II PRIZE
4.G T V R KalyaniTECHNOSOLSir C R Reddy College Of Engineering01-03-2019II PRIZE
5.Bora Bhagath KumarTECHNOSOLSir C R Reddy College Of Engineering01-03-2019II PRIZE
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SNOReg NoName of The StudentYear of Pass outPercentage
102K61A0219Patnala Kishore200686.6
203K61A0212Irfan ahmedzainulabdin200785.87
304K61A0231P.L.Reddy Palicherla200880.41
405K61A0216Chakravarthi Vakalapudi200975.96
607K61A0216M. Hanumantha Rao201181.05
708K61A0230Kallempudi Meenakshi201287.72
809K61A0209Ch. Lakshmi Durga201383.98
910K61A0239M. Sudha Sirisha201481.93
1011K61A0225Mulpuri Pravallika201583.65
1112K61A0232K.Sai Krishna201681.91
1214K65A0226Md.Rahmatunnisa Begum201786.73
1315K65A0224Gopisetti Manimala201890.82
1416K65A0228Vadali Vasanthi201982.31
1517K65A0226Yadlapalli Divya Sri20208.82
1618K65A0206Godugu Durga Prasad20218.28
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3Engineering Physics — Ilink1 link2
4Engineering Chemistry Ilink1 link2
5C Programminglink1 link2 link3 link4 link5
6Mathematical Methodslink1 link2 link3
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2Switching Theory and Logic Designlink1 link2 link3
3Power Systems-Ilink1 link2 link3 link4 link5 link6 link7
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6Pulse & Digital Circuitslink1 link2 link3
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1Complex Variables and Statistical Methods 
2Electrical Measurementslink1 link2
3Power Systems-IIlink1
4Electrical Machines-IIIlink1
5Power Electronicslink1 link2 link3 link4 link5
6Linear & Digital IC Applicationslink1 link2 link3
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1Electrical Machine Designlink1
2Power System Analysislink1 link2 link3
3Utilization of Electrical Energylink1 link2 link3
4Microprocessors And Microcontroller 
5Power Semiconductor Drivelink1
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1Computer Organizationlink1 link2
2Electrical Distribution Systemlink1 link2 link3 link4
3Energy Audit, Conservation and managementlink1 link2
4High Voltage Engineeringlink1 link2 link3 link4 link5
5Instrumentationlink1 link2 link3 link4
6Switch Gear & Protectionlink1 link2 link3
7Power System Operation & Controllink1 link2 link3 link4
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1Digital Control Systemslink1
2Non Conventional Sources of Energylink1
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