ICT-ITL Integration Policy for Smart Evaluation

ICT-ITL Integration Policy for Smart Evaluation

Presently SASI is developing around 28 courses for JNTU-Kakinada under the coordinator ship of Dr. Sohel Rana to be floated on portal by JNTU-K & APSCHE which will be accessed by the students of the entire state of Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from this SASI has implemented innovative teaching learning policy.

Motivation: Assessment is process oriented; Evaluation is product oriented…

As per the instructions of Principal, and inputs from Director, with consultation of Dean-Academics, a new format proposed by Dean-ITL & ICT for innovative activities is being implemented. Inputs are collected from all the HoDs and suggestions given by AS&H HoD are incorporated in the proposed system. For improving the quality of outcome-based education it is necessary to involve students in the teaching learning process to the next level. As per the requirement of NBA and OBE a new policy for internal assessment of assignments is approved. A detailed workshop/faculty orientation as part of SRP will be conducted by the office of Dean (ITL & ICT).

As all of us are aware that, present internal assessment for 30 marks is as follows:

Table-1 (Existing system)
Assessment/Evaluation TypeMarksMethodComments
Mid Exams ( I & 2 ) 15Direct (Evaluation)Being conducted for 30 marks & divided by 2
Online Quiz 10Direct (Evaluation)Being conducted for 10 Marks.
Assignment 5Direct (Evaluation)Copying of assignment is a problem. Real time work from student is minimal and all are direct methods of assessment

These are all direct methods of evaluation. We propose to involve the direct/indirect method of assessment as follows:

 Table-2 (Proposed system)
Assessment/Evaluation TypeMarksMethodComments
Mid Exams ( I & 2 ) ( Evaluation)15Direct EvaluationConduct for 30 marks & divide by 2 for 15 marks
Online Quiz ( Evaluation)10Direct EvaluationConduct for 20 questions & allot10 marks
Active Learning Method-1 (ALM-1) ) (Direct Assessment)First Mid ( 50% syllabus)  5 marks ( to be converted to 2.5 finally)E-content Video based real time Assignment ( Steps are given below the tableConduct for 5 marks and divide by 2 for final 2.5 marks.


E-Content Video data on website. Copying of assignment is not possible ( Satisfied NBA criteria)

ALM-2 (Assessment)Second Mid ( 50% syllabus)- 5 Marks


( to be converted to 2.5 finally)

Indirect: Any ALM of student choice from appendix-1 (but not limited to) NOTE: 1) ALM-1 is mandatory and minimum 3 more activates are to be conducted. Max number is up to faculty.Conduct for 5 marks and divide by 2 for final 2.5 marks.


Student involvement in teaching learning. Improvement in quality of education. Outcome based approach

ALM-3 (Assessment)
ALM-4 (Assessment)


  • Active learning Method-1 (E-content: Mandatory)

Following are the steps for the ALM-1:

Step-1 : Record the class video while taking class or on laptop using quality PPTs and proper mic/camera stand etc. Ask assignment questions in the video lecture and don’t disclose them to students since they have to find the questions while watching video and upload the answers in real time.

Step-2: Upload the video on YouTube

Step-3: Prepare an online Google form with combination of quiz questions as well descriptive questions and paste the link in the description of video. Sample google form content is given in Appendix-2.

Step-4: Submit video link to Dean- (ITL & ICT)/HOD/ or Director for quality approval.

Step-5: After approval of competent authority share the video link to upload on the college website.

Step-6: Share the same uploaded video with students including assignment questions hidden in video. (Announce the time of sharing video in class with the consent of students)

Step-7: Announce the time in which students shall watch the video and make notes to upload in the Google link provided in video description

(Sample format to be made after completion of activities is attached herewith as appendix-3)

Sample video link with quiz + assignment link pasted in the description of the video is given below:

Google form link as given in the description of the video:



  • One video from each faculty will be available on college website with proof of innovative activity conducted in the form of description link.
  • Assignment copying will be difficult.

Remedy: If any student doesn’t have the online data at home or busy with study hour then any other suitable activity may be allotted in genuine cases after receiving written request from the student/parent.

2) Active leaning method (2 to 4)

Apart from mandatory ALM-1 more minimum 3 activities are to be conducted. But it is suggested to conduct more activities.

  • Picture game:
  • Equation game:
  • Documentary making
  • Group discussion

A list of such activities is available in the appendix-1. Many more activities with procedure are also available in teacher’s manual.

List given in appendix is for reference, Faculty is expected to create any new methods suitable according to their subject demand and students’ quality based on their experience.

  • Faculties shall conduct the activities involving students as given in the sample activities of appendix-2.
  • Faculties shall record the proofs in the form of Google-tag photographs. (CRs can be asked to do this task if the faculty is not gadget expert)
  • Faculties shall attach all the proofs and steps of activities conducted in the format given in the appendix-2
  • A format for keeping the track of activities will be kept with CRs in the class files