Mechanical Engineering

Educational Objectives

PEO1.Demonstrate academic excellence, managerial skills for a successful professional career with life-long learning

PEO2.Exhibit professional attitude, interpersonal and leadership skills

PEO3.Take up technical roles with professional ethics, innovativeness and social commitment

  • PO1.Engineering knowledge: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  • PO2.Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, research literature and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering sciences.
  • PO3.Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental considerations.
  • PO4.Conduct investigations of complex problems:using research based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data and synthesis of information to provide valid conclusions.
  • PO5.Modern tool usage:Create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an under- standing of the limitations.
  • PO6.The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to professional engineering practice.
  • PO7.Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts and demonstrate knowledge of and need for sustainable development.
  • PO8.Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.
  • PO9.Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader indiverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  • PO10.Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  • PO11.Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  • PO12.Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in Independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.


  • PSO1. Thermal & Production engineering Practice: Ability to specify, fabricate, test, operate, or document the thermal & production systems or processes.
  • PSO2. Design using Solid Works & AutoCAD: Ability to analyze, design, develop, implement, engine components.
  • B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 180
  • M.Tech. in CAD/CAM with an intake of 18
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 60
1III &IV B.TechAutonoums Syllabusclick here
2I &II B.TechAutonoums Syllabusclick here
3B.TechR16 Syllabusclick here
4B.TechR13 Syllabusclick here
5B.TechR10 Syllabusclick here
  • For M.Tech. CAD/CAM Syllabus click here to download
I Sem
II Year I sem
S.NoSubject NameLinks
1Subject Name-1Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
2Subject Name-2Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
3Subject Name-3Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
4Subject Name-4Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
5Subject Name-5Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
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6Subject Name-6Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
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III Year I sem
S NoCourse NameUseful Links
1Subject Name-1Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
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2Subject Name-2Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
3Subject Name-3Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
4Subject Name-4Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
5Subject Name-5Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
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6Subject Name-6Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
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IV Year I sem
S NoCourse NameUseful Links
1Subject Name-1Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
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2Subject Name-2Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
3Subject Name-3Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
4Subject Name-4Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
Lesson Plan Question bank
5Subject Name-5Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
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6Subject Name-6Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Unit-6
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  • YANTRA Student Association was formed with the aim of encouraging the students in technical as well as co-curricular activities and also to provide a platform for students of Mechanical Engineering to hone their hidden talents and to acquire the important skills required to be an excellent Industry professional. Activities organized by YANTRA –


    • Quiz
    • Just a Minute program
    • Can You Make It
    • Word Puzzle, etc.


    Friction created fire in man, behind whom the world ran, and then he made the wheel to roll, after which the world started to move.Today the world is so technical, and fact is that the origin is Mechanical. We were the superiors, we are the superiors, we will be the superiors. History is with us and future is ours.

    YANTRA is originated from a Sanskrit word yantram meaning Machine. YANTRA association is the prestigious mechanical students association in Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering since 2004. It has been undertaking various important activities in the department ever since. At present the association houses 525 students from 2nd, 3rd and 4th year mechanical.

    The association has its own e-mail id: is used to get information from our students regarding any new innovations in mechanical world.

    YANTRA also takes active part in the technical symposium ANVESHANA being conducted by the college every year. The responsibility of the paper presentations is totally taken up by the department. The association is successful in conducting ANVESHANA with yearly improvements. This Year YANTRA – NIRMAAN is more successful in the fact of conducting project exhibition, model expo and poster presentation contest in addition to regular paper presentations.

    YANTRA association celebrated the ENGINEER’S DAY in 2019. On the Engineer’s day various competitions were conducted. Technical Quiz in addition to sports like Cricket, Volley Ball, Shuttle and Tennicoit were conducted on that day.


Technical Paper Presentation
Objectives of Technical Paper presentation :
The objective of paper presentation is to develop quest for research among the students. The spirit for searching information will definitely improve the reading habits of the students and provide them in depth knowledge about current environment. This will also help to develop the comprehending skill, writing skill, and presentation skill of the students. The students will be given the opportunity to present papers in national and international seminars, conferences and competitions.


Objective of Just a Minute : To provide better listening, thinking and speaking training in a fun environment.


Objectives of Debate :To encourage students to organize their thoughts in a critical or argumentative way that takes into account the complexity of issues and the existence of alternative and opposing views. To increase students’ public speaking and presentation skills, including the ability to think quickly on one’s feet. Class debate can also be used to develop students’ research skills and give them a chance to become experts on a particular subject.


Objectives of Quiz:Though quiz competitions are often viewed as the pursuit of trivial knowledge, they encourage students to achieve academic excellence and increase their awareness of the world around them. A quiz is also a brief assessment used in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills.


Crossword PuzzlesFour Ways Crossword Puzzles Benefit Your Brain

  • Enhance vocabulary
  • Strengthen word recall and memory
  • Stimulate problem solving skills
  • Improve focus and attention

If you are new to crosswords, you may be looking for ways to improve. There are many experts and many tips out there.

Here are some tips that I have found helpful:

  • Answer the ones you know. Don’t spend a lot of time on one you don’t know.
  • Work in sections.
  • Keep in mind, a clue that ends with a question mark is usually a play on words.
  • Consider multiple meanings for a word.
  • Doing puzzles on a regular basis starts to cue you into how a particular puzzle creator thinks. This allows you to better understand the clues.
  • If you get stuck, look up the information. Use the internet or reference guides to get info on a clue rather than looking at the answers. You are more likely to remember the information for future puzzles if you search for that information rather than just looking at the answer key.
Can you make it

Can you make it event consists two mind games.They are Sudoku, word formation


Sudoku is a puzzle involving logic – no arithmetic or guessing is required! The basic idea of completing puzzles is to find cells (the small squares) where you are sure that only one value is a valid placement.

Word formation is the creation of a new word

The common of word-formation methods are: affixation, compounding, blending, clipping, backformation, conversion, coinage, acronyms and borrowing.Coinage is the invention of totally new words. Strictly speaking it refers to a word which has been invented and did not previously exist in any language.

When words from another language enter a language, it is known as borrowing. English has taken many words other languages Compounding is making a new word by stringing together existing words. Blending is the process of fusing words together. In the process, both words lose parts.Clipping is the shortening of a word. Backformation is the process of making a new word by removing a new lexeme.

Department Calendar
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The college offers many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities. Within the department there are two student-run Chapters which you can get involved in. Student Chapters are a very important part of the college experience. They encourage teamwork, leadership, improved organizational skills and creativity, while cultivating professional interests.


“IE(I) Vision is to enable practice of ethical ethos and pursuits of professional excellence for engineering fraternity to serve the humanity through inclusive growth”

The Institution of Engineers (India) (IEI), was established in 1920 and was sanctioned the Royal Charter in 1935, laying down the principal role of the to be of a learned society promoting the advancement of the science and practice in different fields of engineering. The Royal Charter reflects the spirit in which engineering disciplines are to be pursued. IE(I) Students’ Chapters has been established in Department of ME in 2014. From then this Chapter has taken the lead role in conducting the co-curricular and extracurricular activities in this college. The Local Chapter of the Staff is functioning actively.


The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is a national, non-profit making professional body, registered under the society’s registration Act of 1860. Started in 1941 as the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions (APII), later it was converted into “Indian Society for Technical Education”, New Delhi in 1986 with a view to enlarge its activities to advance the cause of technical education in the country. It is the only national organization of educators in the field of engineering and technology.

ISTE Students’ Chapters has been established in SITE in 2014. From then till now this Chapter has taken the lead role in carrying on the extracurricular activities in this college. The Local Chapter of the Staff is functioning actively. The Local Chapter of students is very active with a total membership of students. A number of activities are organized in the college and students are deputed to participate in seminars conducted elsewhere


Our vision is to kindle the knowledge and support the education and research programs of the institution by providing physical and intellectual access to the information.

It is one of those libraries which is well equipped with number of Books, National and International Journals. For effective Teaching and learning process the library is maintaining a special section which is incorporated with Educational CDs and DVDs. The Library takes more efforts in adding more volumes of books and journals every year to quench the thirst of our staff & students.

The department library maintains more than 1200 academic books.

Library Working hours
Working Hours08.30 A.M to 06.00 P.M.
Circulation Hours09.00 A.M. to 05.00 P.M
Reference Hours09.00 A.M. to 06.00 P.M
S.NODescription of BooksTotal
1Total number of titles462
2Number of volumes883
3Number of final year project documentations252
4Number of video lecture CDs30
S.NoReg NoName of The StudentCompany NameNo.Of Placements
116K61A0302Adusumilli RohinAliens Group /
Wipro Ltd
216K61A0309Bandi Naveen reddyAllsec Tech1
316K61A0328Didde Anil KumarAliens Group1
416K61A0330Doredla Sai TrinadhAliens Group /
CTS / Just Dail
516K61A0343Gopireddy ManikantaJBM Group1
616K61A0344Guduguntla Shanmukh HarshithAliens Group /
Allsec Tech / Toppr
716K61A0337Garsikuti MadhupavanJust Dial1
816K61A0346Guttula Naga Venkata
Sai Ganesh
Aliens Group /
Allsec Tech
916K61A0347Immanni SridharJBM Group1
1016K61A0348Jaideep EdupugantiAliens Group /
Allsec Tech
1116K61A0349Jaivanth EdupugantiAliens Group /
JBM Group
1216K61A0353Kaja Mani KishoreAllsec Tech1
1316K61A0359Kandula Sai SwaroopAliens Group /
Allsec Tech / Just Dial
1416K61A0363Kethinedi Sai MaheshTCS / CTS2
1516K61A0364Komatlapalli Tarun
Venkata Suresh
Aliens Group /
Wipro Ltd
1616K61A0365Konagalla ManikantaAliens Group/
1716K61A0371Maddipati Ajay KumarJBM Group1
1816K61A0384Murapaka Srinivasa RaoAliens Group /
Allsec Tech / Toppr
1916K61A03A1Pasupuleti Srinu PrasadAliens Group1
2016K61A03A9Poosarla Ram SaiAliens Group /
JBM Group / Toppr
/ AIS / DXC Tech
2116K61A03B8Seelamsetti Satya SaiJBM Group1
2216K61A03D2Toram Siva KotiJBM Group1
2317K65A0308Garapati Sai Siva KishoreAliens Group /
Allsec Tech
2517K65A0319Chikatla Purna ChandAliens Group /
JBM Group
2617K65A0320Locharla TanujaAliens Group /
2717K65A0321Manepalli Venkata Rama
Satya Sasidhar
Infosys / CTS2
2817K65A0322Mukundam Gowri
Naga Siva Sai
JBM Group1
2917K65A0325Nelluri TejaAliens Group /
Allsec Tech
3017K65A0329Putta Ravi TejaAliens Group / JBM Group
/ Just Dial
3117K65A0331Surapaneni Jnana
Sita Rama Prasad
Aliens Group1
3217K65A0333Tuttaganti Sai PavanJBM Group /
3317K65A0334Ajrapu VinodhJust Dial1
3417K65A0336Vechalapu GaneshJBM Group1
S.NoReg NoName of The StudentCompany Name
115K61A0304Adigarla Ramesh BabuMahavir Motors
215K61A0307Akula Yaswanth KumarMahavir Motors
315K61A0316B Satya Siva NagendraAllsec Technologies Ltd.
415K61A0317Bokka Sai BabuJBM Auto Systems Private Limited
515K61A0318Boppana Sri Ram ChanduAllsec Technologies Ltd.
615K61A0319Burla ChintaiahAllsec Technologies Ltd.
715K61A0324Chennu Brahma RajuJust Dial Limited
815K61A0325Chitturi AvinashJust Dial Limited
915K61A0328Danduboyina Naga SubrahmanyamJust Dial Limited
1015K61A0332Duggempudi Sreekanth ReddyThermal Systems Pvt Ltd.
1115K61A0334Eegala ThrimurthuluJBM Auto Systems Private Limited
1215K61A0352Gunipalli Sai KrishnaJBM Auto Systems Private Limited
1315K61A0358J. ManikantaMaa Harsiddhi Infra Developers Pvt. Ltd.
1415K61A0366K Sai Sriram VenkateshAllsec Technologies Ltd.
1515K61A0369Karri Venkata RamanaWipro Infrastructure Engineering
1615K61A0372K. KarthikAP Vibration analysis & Engineering services
1715K61A0374Pampani Naveen SrinivasJBM Auto Systems Private Limited
1815K61A0374Kolli Bal RajuJBM Auto Systems Private Limited
1915K61A0380Kusampudi EdukondaluAllsec Technologies Ltd.
2015K61A0381L Mukesh SatyendraAllsec Technologies Ltd.
2115K61A0382Levin Ajit NagendraMolleti Vidal NDT
2215K61A0383Maddipatla SudhirJust Dial Limited
2315K61A0388Manne NaveenSoftworld Technologies
2415K61A0393Medimi Sanjay KumarJBM Auto Systems Private Limited
2515K61A0395Merapala Nanda GaneshAllsec Technologies Ltd.
2615K61A0396Mudunuri Vamsi KrishnaAllsec Technologies Ltd.
2715K61A03A0Nagala SatishAllsec Technologies Ltd.
2815K61A03A4Naradala SomarajuAllsec Technologies Ltd.
2915K61A03A5Naravula RameshAllsec Technologies Ltd.
3015K61A03A9Nidadavolu Veera Venkata Satya Sai RahulWipro Technologies
3115K61A03B0Nunna MaheshMahavir Motors
3215K61A03B4Paladugula Naveen ChowdaryAllsec Technologies Ltd.
3315K61A03B5Pappu Poorna Sai ManikantaJBM Auto Systems Private Limited
3415K61A03C3Penugurthi AbhishekMahavir Motors
3515K61A03C9Polipalli Manikanta SwamiAllsec Technologies Ltd.
3615K61A03D1Poppoppu Devi Someswara LakshminadhToppr
3715K61A03D2Popireddy Tandava Sai manikantaCalibehr Business Support Services Pvt. Ltd.
3815K61A03D4Putta Yaswanth Surya TejaMahavir Motors
3915K61A03D6Ragu Revanth Satya NareshAllsec Technologies Ltd.
4015K61A03E3Sankarapu Satish KumarJBM Auto Systems Private Limited
4115K61A03E5Sattineedi Durga PrasadAllsec Technologies Ltd.
4215K61A03E8Shaik Mabu SubhanAllsec Technologies Ltd.
4315K61A03F0Sirigina Venkat NaveenAllsec Technologies Ltd.
4415K61A03G3Undavalli RakeshAllsec Technologies Ltd.
4515K61A03G7Valluri NarendraDivis Laboratories
4616K65A0303A Naresh KumarGlovis India Anantapur Pvt. Ltd.
4716K65A0324P. R. Naga Ram SaiKyungshin Industrial Motherson Pvt. Ltd.
4816K65A0325Pampana Durga PrasadFortune Automobiles India Pvt Ltd
4916K65A0330Ponnaganti UmamaheswaraRaoT3D Labs Pvt. Ltd.
5016K65A0337Gunnam SwathiLayam Group
5116K65A0339V. Durga BhavaniLayam Group
S.NoReg NoName of The StudentCompany Name
114K61A0303A.Sateesh KumarOil Country Tubular Ltd.
214K61A0304Atyam Vinayaka Manikanta KumarOil Country Tubular Ltd.
314K61A0305Balusu Lakshmana Venkata Satya Sai BabuOil Country Tubular Ltd.
414K61A0307B. AnilVamsi ram Group
514K61A0311B.SrinivasOil Country Tubular Ltd.
614K61A0312Chintala SuneelOil Country Tubular Ltd.
714K61A0320D.V.Manikanta SwamyHVAC, Delta Elmech System, Hyderabad
814K61A0322Vasireddi Partdha SardhiTyche Diecast Pvt. Ltd.
914K61A0323G D V SatyanarayanaGIC Industrial components LLP
1014K61A0328Garapati PurnachanduMajestic labors supply services L.L.C
1114K61A0330Gopisetti Lakshmi SrinivasAsahi India Glass Ltd.
1214K61A0331Goteti ManikantaGIC Industrial components LLP
1314K61A0333Gummalla Rajesh KumarMahavir Group
1414K61A0334G RameshDelta Elmech System, Hyderabad
1514K61A0342K.Siva KumarFenix Process Technologies Pvt Ltd
1614K61A0343Kasani VeeravenkateswararaoOil Country Tubular Ltd.
1714K61A0345K Venkata SrinivasCPF (INDIA) Private limited
1814K61A0352L. Yoga Naga Aravinda SwamiRehee Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
1914K61A0357M Aditya SriDGS Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.
2014K61A0364Nandikolla RambabuMahavir Group
2114K61A0366Pakanati RajuCapgemini
2214K61A0368Paluri Venkata PrasanthMahavir Group
2314K61A0376Polina Phani Gangadhar BhargavTech Mahindra
2414K61A0378Praveen Hanuman Surya Kumar RajanalaInfosys
2514K61A0381S.V.T. VihariMitsuba Sical India Pvt. Ltd.
2614K61A0383Seelamsetti Chandram BabuMahavir Group
2714K61A0385Shaik Saraseema JohnyTech Mahindra
2814K61A0386Shaik ThanveerOil Country Tubular Ltd.
2914K61A0388T Durga Siva SubrahmanyamVem Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
3014K61A0392Siva Rama KrishnaHDB Financial Services
3114K61A0396V YaswanthTrack and Towers Pvt. Ltd, Janagam Site
3214K61A0399Veeramalla Sai BabuTeamlease Services Ltd.
3314K61A03A0Vemuri Madhava Siva Surya Naga SaiWipro Limited
3414K61A03A1Vudimudi Chinna RajuOil Country Tubular Ltd.
3515K65A0304Ch SrinivasDivi’s Laboratories, Vizag
3615K65A0305Ch RamakrishnaHetero corporate
3715K65A0306Chitturi SairamDivi’s Laboratory
3815K65A0309Gandham Anil KumarMahavir Group
3915K65A0312Gundepalli Praveen Durga PrasadMahavir Group
4015K65A0315Kala Durga PrasadMahavir Group
4115K65A0316Komarthi Venkata Sai PhanikumarMahavir Group
4215K65A0317K V Nagendra BabuQuest Global Ltd.
4315K65A0318Kundula SandeepOil Country Tubular Ltd.
4415K65A0319M S Meenakshi ManiWipro Technologies
4515K65A0320Mandapati VamsiMahavir Group
4615K65A0324Midde Naga Venkata Satya PrasanthMahavir Group
4715K65A0327Nandham N Venkata Krishna PrasadMahavir Group
4815K65A0328Sravani ParimiEngg. Ville Innovations Pvt. Ltd
4915K65A0330Pilli Charan Sai ManikantaOil Country Tubular Ltd.
5015K65A0332Lakshman kumar PujariLead Shuttle Technologies Pvt Ltd
5115K65A0333Shaik FayazMahavir Group
5215K65A0334Sunkara Ram MohanUniversal Mechatronics
5315K65A0335Tadala VyshnaviSundaram Fasteners Ltd.
5415K65A0338Thangati Hari KrishnaAsahi India Glass Ltd.
5515K65A0339Undrajavarapu Vinay BabuMahavir Group
S.NoReg NoName of The StudentCompany Name
113K61A0304Akana NagarjunaPrestige Services
213K61A0306A L Harish VarmaSri Guru Motors
313K61A0307Anisetty Ravikanth DeviJBM Auto System Private Limited
413K61A0309Arevarapu Siva Rama KrishnaJBM Auto System Private Limited
513K61A0315Bezawada Surya TejaJBM Auto System Private Limited
613K61A0317B AvinashLokesh Machines Ltd.,
713K61A0320Chikkala D SatyanarayanaJBM Auto System Private Limited
813K61A0322Gangula Yagna SaiWind Care India Pvt Ltd.
913K61A0325Hari Tarun KishoreAmazon development centre Pvt. Ltd.
1013K61A0327Goutu NagarajuAroha Technologies
1113K61A0330I. Rama SaiMetrochem API Pvt Ltd.
1213K61A0331Inturi Ashok KumarBhagwati Products Limited
1313K61A0332J Arun KumarMinistry of PR & RD, Govt. of AP
1413K61A0335K Vijay Kumar RajuQuantela
1513K61A0339Kirla NaveenBhagwati Products Limited
1613K61A0343K. Naga Satya GanapathiRMSI Pvt. Ltd.
1713K61A0345Madasu Tarun KumarVishist Business Solutions
1813K61A0348Malisetti KareemullaWind Care India Pvt Ltd.
1913K61A0358Mekapothu Veeranjaneya ReddyWind Care India Pvt Ltd.
2013K61A0359M VenkateshHoneywell
2113K61A0360Mulakala Bhargav Sai SucharantejJBM Auto System Private Limited
2213K61A0361M. Venkata Sai TejaTata Consultancy Services
2313K61A0364M.V.R.Sai ChakriDivi’s Laboratory
2413K61A0367Nanubolu Sudha Chandra SekharCyient Ltd
2513K61A0368N. Durga Vara PrasanthDivis Laboratories
2613K61A0369Padala Manoj Anjaneya PrasadWind Care India Pvt Ltd.
2713K61A0372Palakodeti VinayJBM Auto System Private Limited
2813K61A0374Pappala Swamy Devendra Kumar VijayJBM Auto System Private Limited
2913K61A0375P. NarendraDivi’s Laboratory
3013K61A0377Pendyala Pavan KumarOFOS Services Pvt Ltd
3113K61A0378Penmetsa Siva Aditya VarmaWind Care India Pvt Ltd.
3213K61A0379Pennada Vamsi GaneshWind Care India Pvt Ltd.
3313K61A0380Pentakota Govinda RajuWind Care India Pvt Ltd.
3413K61A0382Ponnuri Sai ManikantaBhagwati Products Limited
3513K61A0385Reddy Ganesh Rama Pavan KumarWipro Ltd.
3613K61A0388Sakinetipalli Yajna ManikantaWind Care India Pvt Ltd.
3713K61A0394Tanuku Sai GaneshOFOS Services Pvt Ltd
3813K61A0395T Satya PraveenHCL Technologies
3913K61A03A1T Hiteesh KumarDivi’s Laboratories Ltd
4013K61A03A3Undavalli Naveen SaiBhagwati Products Limited
4113K61A03A4U.G. Prasanna KumarBharat Benz (Varun Trucking)
4213K61A03A5U ManojAndhra Sugars Ltd.
4313K61A03A6Vadapalli Venkat AkhilWipro Ltd.
4413K61A03B0Vasamsetti VenkateshCyient Ltd.
4513K61A03B2Vidivada Y Bulli Venkata ChowdaryWind Care India Pvt Ltd.
4613K61A03B3Villuri SekharDRDO (Contract basis)
4713K61A03B5Sandeep Yalamarthi3F Oil Palm Agrotech Pvt Ltd
4813K61A03B7Y Venu kiranPower Mech projects
4913K61A3A0T Rajesh KumarStanadyne India Pvt. Ltd.
5014K65A0308K. VenkateshMinistry of PR & RD, Govt. of AP
5114K65A0315Nadella SatishOFOS Services Pvt. Ltd.
5214K65A0316Nammi VyshnaviWipro Ltd.
5314K65A0320Uppuluri SunithaHinduja Global Solutions
5414K65A0322V Pardha SaradhiTyche Diecast Pvt. Ltd.
S NoRegister NumberName of the StudentCompany Name
112K61A0320B M Rama KrishnaNTT Data Global Delivery Services
S NoRegister NumberName of the StudentCompany Name
111K61A0361M.Surendra SaiTech Mahindra
211K61A0362M.Prudhvi KrishnaTech Mahindra
311K61A0362M.Prudhvi KrishnaPetrofac Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd
411K61A0378Pamaraju AdityaPrime Focus Technologies
511K61A0378Y Sanjive KumarThermal Systems (Hyderabad) Pvt. Ltd.
S NoRegister NumberName of the StudentCompany Name
110K61A0341Oduri Swamy RavichandraPETROFAC
210K61A0343Padi PrasanthPETROFAC
310K61A0341Oduri Swamy RavichandraNTT DATA
410K61A0335Leela Vardan PradeepNTT DATA
510K61A0342P Mahesh TejaAccenture Services Pvt.Ltd
S NoRegister NumberName of the StudentCompany Name
109K61A0302Alluri Venkata Vijay KumarVoltech
209K61A0321Harish Kumar AvulaVoltech
309K61A0330Mudunuri Jitendra VarmaVoltech
409K61A0339Nethula ArunVoltech
509K61A0359Yalla Ram ManoharVoltech
609K61A0303Anjaneya Kumar.G.M.V.S.R.Smart Innovations pvt ltd
709K61A0309Busarapu Venkata BharatSmart Innovations pvt ltd
809K61A0331Majji Chandra Ram Mohan RaoSmart Innovations pvt ltd
909K61A0343Ponnada.L.R.K. SateeshSmart Innovations pvt ltd
1009K61A0322Kada Anand KumarTVS Sundaram Fastners ltd
1109K61A0356Tsalla Bala Subramanya KarthikTVS Sundaram Fastners ltd
1209K61A0348Rayi RajeshTVS Sundaram Fastners ltd
S NoRegister NumberName of the StudentCompany Name
108K61A0310CH.Murali KrishnaAnu Solar Power Pvt Ltd
208K61A0325K.Venkata Sudheer KumarAnu Solar Power Pvt Ltd
308K61A0331M.Krishna YadavAnu Solar Power Pvt Ltd
408K61A0343PVR Lakshmi PrathyushaAnu Solar Power Pvt Ltd
508K61A0355T.Sri NavyaAnu Solar Power Pvt Ltd

Toppers List

Academic YearYearSemReg NoName of the StudentPercentage
2019-2020III18K61A0330Ghanta Sai Sandeep66.6
2019-2020III18K61A0358Mungara Krishna Babu65.4
2019-2020III18K61A0354Manukonda Subrahmanyam62.4
2019-2020IIII17K61A0396Shaik Salman8.71
2019-2020IIII17K61A0340Kalidindi Sai Krishna8.67
2019-2020IIII17K61A0393Sanapala Sai Srinivasu8.52
2019-2020IVI16K61A0363Kethinedi Sai Mahesh8.95
2019-2020IVI16K61A03A9Poosarla Ram Sai8.55
2019-2020IVI16K61A0365Konagalla Manikanta8.41
2019-2020IIII18K61A0330Ghanta Sai Sandeep85.38
2019-2020IIII19K65A0312Garapati Abhilash78.63
2019-2020IIII19K65A0320Vejju Udaya Sri78.00
2019-2020IIIII17K61A0396Shaik Salman8.33
2019-2020IIIII17K61A03A0Srirangam M V Narayana8.19
2019-2020IIIII17K61A0307Battula Manikanta8.05
2019-2020IVII16K61A0346Guttula N V Sai Ganesh9.50
2019-2020IVII17K65A0319Chikatla Purna Chand9.25
2019-2020IVII16K61A0363Kethinedi Sai Mahesh9.13
2019-2020IVII16K61A0365Konagalla Manikanta9.13

Toppers List

Academic YearYearSemReg NoName of the StudentPercentage
2019-2020III18K61A0330Ghanta Sai Sandeep66.6
2019-2020III18K61A0358Mungara Krishna Babu65.4
2019-2020III18K61A0354Manukonda Subrahmanyam62.4
2019-2020IIII17K61A0396Shaik Salman8.71
2019-2020IIII17K61A0340Kalidindi Sai Krishna8.67
2019-2020IIII17K61A0393Sanapala Sai Srinivasu8.52
2019-2020IVI16K61A0363Kethinedi Sai Mahesh8.95
2019-2020IVI16K61A03A9Poosarla Ram Sai8.55
2019-2020IVI16K61A0365Konagalla Manikanta8.41
2019-2020IIII18K61A0330Ghanta Sai Sandeep85.38
2019-2020IIII19K65A0312Garapati Abhilash78.63
2019-2020IIII19K65A0320Vejju Udaya Sri78.00
2019-2020IIIII17K61A0396Shaik Salman8.33
2019-2020IIIII17K61A03A0Srirangam M V Narayana8.19
2019-2020IIIII17K61A0307Battula Manikanta8.05
2019-2020IVII16K61A0346Guttula N V Sai Ganesh9.50
2019-2020IVII17K65A0319Chikatla Purna Chand9.25
2019-2020IVII16K61A0363Kethinedi Sai Mahesh9.13
2019-2020IVII16K61A0365Konagalla Manikanta9.13

Toppers List

Academic YearYearSemReg NoName of the StudentPercentage
2017-18III16K61A0363Kethinedi Sai Mahesh8.14
2017-18III17K65A0302Bethina Ramesh7.71
2017-18III17K65A0320Locharla Tanuja7.71
2017-18IIII15K61A03B1Osuri Venkata Subrahmanyam85.9
2017-18IIII15K61A0332Duggempudi Sreekanth Reddy82.4
2017-18IVI15K65A0312G Praveen Durga Prasad78.34
2017-18IVI14K61A0328Garapati Purnachandu78.07
2017-18IVI15K65A0336Talari Lakshmi Durga75.86
2017-18IIII16K61A0365Konagalla Manikanta8.41
2017-18IIII16K61A0346G Naga Venkata Sai Ganesh8.36
2017-18IIII17K65A0302Bethina Ramesh8.27
2017-18IIIII15K61A0381Lakkimsetti MukeshSatyendra77.55
2017-18IIIII15K61A0332Duggempudi Sreekanth Reddy77.29
2017-18IVII14K61A0378P H Surya Kumar Rajanala81.67
2017-18IVII14K61A0328Garapati Purnachandu79.83
2017-18IVII14K61A0357Mogalapu Adityasri79.00
S NoUnique NoNameQualificationDesignationExperience
1S13MEC323Dr.R.Bapaiah ChoudaryM.Tech., Ph.DProfessor &HOD32 years
2S18MEC317Dr.P Ramesh BabuM.E.,Ph.DProfessor17 years
3S20MEC301Dr.Appalanaidu YallaM.Tech, Ph.DProfessor9 years
4S18MEC314Sri R Venkateswara BabuM.TechAssociate Professor13 years
5S12MEC317Sri Bunga Kiran KumarM.TechAssociate Professor12 years
6S19MEC302Dr. Gorantla Kiran KumarM.Tech., Ph.DAssistant Professor4 years
7S07MEC89Sri Y. Raghu RamM.Tech.Associate Professor13 years
8S09MEC288Sri P Chaitanya KrishnaM.TechAssistant Professor12 years
9S15MEC304Sri J Kantha RaoM.EAssociate Professor11 years
10S15MEC320Sri B Krishna MurthyM.Tech.Assistant Professor9 years
11S19MEC313Sri Mohammed SubhaniM.Tech.Assistant Professor3 years
12S14MEC301Sri P Rajendra BabuM.Tech.Assistant Professor9 years
13S13MEC325Sri M V Kiran KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor7 years
14S19MEC306Sri Maddali Venkata NaveenM.E.Assistant Professor9 years
15S11MEC307Sri M Vijay KrishnaM.Tech.Assistant Professor9 years
16S12MEC308Sri R Narendra KumarM.TechAssistant Professor8 years
17S15MEC303Sri J Vijay KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor8 years
18S16MEC302Sri T N V Ashok KumarM.E.Assistant Professor7 years
19S13MEC318Sri Ch Venkateswara RaoM.Tech.Assistant Professor7 years
20S18MEC304Sri Siripurapu SriramM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 years
21S16MEC307Sri Ch Syam KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 years
22S15MEC311Sri M V Satya Pavan KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 years
23S20MEC303Sri Satyaprakash K B VM.Tech.Assistant Professor9 years
24S18MEC312Sri V Durga RaoM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 years
25S15MEC306Sri M Vinod KumarM.E.Assistant Professor5 years
26S15MEC319Sri Sheik Salman BashaM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 years
27S18MEC307Sri Srinath RM.Tech.Assistant Professor4 years
28S19MEC315Kum. S Sandhya RaniM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 years
29S19MEC314Sri M RajeshM.Tech.Assistant Professor0.5 year
30S20MEC302Sri Javvadi Eswara ManikantaM.Tech.Assistant Professor3 years
31S20MEC310Sri Nukathoti RajasekharM.Tech.Assistant Professor4 years
32S20MEC311Sri Pulidandi Vijaya KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor3 years
33S20MEC3131Sri K Srinivasa RaoM.Tech.Assistant Professor0 years
S NoNameQualificationDesignationExperience
1Dr.Bapaiah Choudary RavipatiM.Tech, Ph.DProfessor,HOD31 years
2Dr.P.NehemiahM.E., Ph.DProfessor20 years
3Dr.P.Ramesh BabuM.E., Ph.DHOD &Professor16 years
4Dr.Akhilesh Kumar ShingM.Tech., Ph.DAssoc.Prof9.6 years
5P SurendraM.E, (Ph.D)Asso.Prof11 years
6Bunga Kiran KumarM.E,(Ph.D)Asso.Prof10 years
7R.Venkateswara BabuM.Tech. (Ph.D)Asso.Prof12 years
8Y. Raghu RamM TechAsst.Prof4 years
9P Chaitanya KrishnaM TechAsst.Prof10 years
10B Krishna MurthyM Tech,(Ph.D)Asst.Prof8 years
11M Vijay KrishnaM TechAsst.Prof7 years
12R Narendra KumarM TechAsst.Prof3 years
13P Phani KumarM TechAsst.Prof5 years
14M V Kiran KumarM TechAsst.Prof4 years
15P Rajendra BabuM TechAsst.Prof8 years
16K DanielM TechAsst.Prof4 years
17J Vijay KumarM TechAsst.Prof4 years
18J Kantha RaoM TechAsst.Prof10 years
19J Subhash KumarM.EAsst.Prof7 years
20M V Satya Pavan KumarM TechAsst.Prof2 years
21Sheik Salman BashaM.Tech.Asst.Prof3 years
22T N V Ashok KumarM.EAsst.Prof4 years
23Shaik Shasha ValiM TechAsst.Prof2 years
24Ch Syam KumarM TechAsst.Prof2 years
25Ch Venkateswara RaoM TechAsst.Prof6 years
26M Vinod KumarM TechAsst.Prof3 years
27P V V S Nagaeswara RaoM TechAsst.Prof3 years
28K BhargavM TechAsst.Prof1 year
29K Naga SureshM TechAsst.Prof1 year
30D U V SatyanarayanaM TechAsst.Prof1 year
31S.SriramM.TechAsst. Prof.4.5 years
32S.V.Ram BabuM.TechAsst. Prof.4 years
33Shaik AbdullaM.Tech.Asst. Prof.7 years
34R.SrinathM.TechAsst. Prof.2 years
35P.Satya AmarnathM.TechAsst. Prof.4 years
36P.JagadeshM.TechAsst. Prof.4 years
37K.SatyanarayanaM.TechAsst. Prof.0 years
38V.Durga RaoM.Tech.Asst. Prof.3 years
39G.Nageswara RaoM.Tech.Asst. Prof.4 years
40Dr.B.Ramesh BabuM.Tech,PhDAsst. Prof.4 years
S NoNameQualificationDesignationExperienceProfile
1Dr.R.Umamaheswara RaoPh.D.Professor &HOD16 YearsClick here
2Dr.R.Bapaiah ChoudaryPh.D.Professor30 YearsClick here
3P.SurendraM.E.,(Ph.D)Associate Professor10 YearsClick here
4B.Kiran KumarM.E.,(Ph.D)Associate Professor9 YearsClick here
5Y.Raghu RamM.Tech.Assistant Professor2 YearsClick here
6P.Chaitanya KrishnaM.Tech.Assistant Professor9 YearsClick here
7B.Krishna MurthyM.Tech.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor7 YearsClick here
8M.Vijay KrishnaM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 YearsClick here
9R.Narendra KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor7 YearsClick here
10P.Veera BhadraRaoM.Tech.Assistant Professor4 YearsClick here
11P.Phani KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor4 YearsClick here
12M.V.Kiran KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 YearsClick here
13P.Rajendra BabuM.Tech.Assistant Professor7 YearsClick here
14K.DanielM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 YearsClick here
15J.Vijay KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor7 YearsClick here
16J.KantharaoM.E.AssistantProfessor10 YearsClick here
17J.Subash KumarM.E.Assistant Professor10 YearsClick here
18M.V.S.Pavan KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 YearClick here
19Sk. Salman BashaM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 YearClick here
20T.N.V.Ashok KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 YearsClick here
21Shaik ShashavaliM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 YearClick here
22Syam KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 YearClick here
23Ch. Venkateswara RaoM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 YearsClick here
24M. Vinod KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor2 YearsClick here
25P.V.V.S.Nageswara RaoM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 YearsClick here
26K. BhargavM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 YearsClick here
27K. Naga SureshM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 YearClick here
28D.U.V.SatyanarayanaM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 YearsClick here
29J. Madhu KiranM.Tech.Assistant Professor4 YearsClick here
30T.V.S. SivaM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 YearClick here
31N.S.V.N. HanumanM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 YearClick here
32U. Sai KrishnaM.Tech,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor8 YearsClick here
33Dr.S. Akhilesh KumarPh.DAssistant Professor4 YearsClick here
34B.Ramesh BabuM.Tech,PhDAsst. Prof.3 years
S NoNameQualificationDesignationExperience
1Dr.R.Umamaheswara RaoPh.D.Professor &HOD16 Years
2Dr.R.Bapaiah ChoudaryPh.D.Professor29 Years
3P.SurendraM.E.,(Ph.D)Associate Professor10 Years
4B.Kiran KumarM.E.,(Ph.D)Associate Professor7 Years
5Y.Raghu RamM.Tech.Assistant Professor2 Years
6P.Chaitanya KrishnaM.Tech.Assistant Professor8 Years
7B.Krishna MurthyM.Tech.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor6 Years
8M.Vijay KrishnaM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 Year
9R.Narendra KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 Year
10P.Veera BhadraRaoM.Tech.Assistant Professor4 Years
11P.Phani KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor4 Years
12M.V.Kiran KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor4 Years
13P.Rajendra BabuM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 Years
14K.DanielM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 Years
15J.Vijay KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 Year
16J.KantharaoM.E.AssistantProfessor9 Years
17J.Subash KumarM.E.Assistant Professor9 Years
18M.V.S.Pavan KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 Year
19Sk. Salman BashaM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 Year
20T.N.V.Ashok KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 Years
21Shaik ShashavaliM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 Year
22Syam KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 Year
23Ch. Venkateswara RaoM.Tech.Assistant Professor4 Years
24M. Vinod KumarM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 Year
25P.V.V.S.Nageswara RaoM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 Years
26K. BhargavM.Tech.Assistant Professor5 Years
27K. Naga SureshM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 Year
28D.U.V.SatyanarayanaM.Tech.Assistant Professor6 Years
29T.V.S. SivaM.Tech.Assistant Professor1 Year
30S. Akhilesh KumarM.Tech,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor4 Years
31Ch Mani KumarB.Tech.Assistant Professor5 Years
32Ramesh BabuM.Tech,PhDAsst. Prof.2 years
Workshops / Guest Lectures

Workshops / Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures- 2019-2020

  • Dr. P Srinivasa Rao, Academic Associate, University college of Architecture & Planning, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur delivered Guest Lecture on “Sculpture from Automobile Scrap”.
  • Mr Uday Kumar Singupalli, Testing Program Manager – Technology, Johnson Matthey India Pvt. Ltd, Delhi delivered Guest lecture on “Recent Development in Combustion of IC Engines”.
  • Mr. M. P Chakravarthy, Manager, Hindustan Shipyard Limited Visakhapatnam delivered Guest Lecture on “Recent Advances in Manufacturing Methods”.

Workshops 2019-2020

    • One Day Workshop on “3-D Printing” by Dr. RB Choudary, Professor, SITE was conducted on 13th December 2019 to III-B.Tech. ME Students.

Two Day Workshop on “Non-Destructive Testing” by Mrs. V Chandana, MD, Flyhigh Institute of NDT, Vijayawada was conducted on 20th-21st December 2019 to III & IV B.Tech. ME students.

Certification Programs 2019-2020

    • Value Added Certification Program on “QCAD Training” was conducted by Shyama Iyer National Coordinator Spoken Tutorial Project IIT Bombay Funded by National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India on 9th December 2019 to 18th January 2020 to II B.Tech. ME students.

Value Added Certification Program on “SCI LAB Training” was conducted by Shyama Iyer National Coordinator Spoken Tutorial Project IIT Bombay Funded by National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India on 9th December 2019 to 31st January 2020 to III B.Tech. ME students

Guest Lectures 2018-2019

  • GM Rajamahendran, Senior Simulation Engineer YuCan Technologies, Bangalore delivered Guest Lecture on “Advances in design Engineering”.
  • T. Srinivas, Assistant General Manager SAIL, Visakhapatnam delivered Guest lecture on “Energy Conversation”.

Workshops 2018-2019

  • A two-day Workshop on “Advanced Automotive Technology” by Mr. J Paparao, Founder of A.B.M Group, Visakhapatnam was conducted on 28th December 2018 to 29th December 2019 to II & III B.Tech. ME students.

Certification Programs 2018-2019

  • Certification program on “HVAC course for tab engineers” was conducted by Sk. Abdulla, Assistant Professor Sasi Institute of Technology& Engineering on 10th July 2018 to 20th august 2018 to IV B.Tech. ME students.
  • Certification program on “Entrepreneurship education program with PMYUVA” was conducted by B. Kiran Kumar, Asst. Professor Sasi Institute of Technology& Engineering on 26th July 2018 to 27th July 2018 to III B.Tech. ME students.
  • Value Added Certification Program on “QCAD Training” was conducted by Shyama Iyer National Coordinator Spoken Tutorial Project IIT Bombay Funded by National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India on 3rd December 2018 to 25th February 2019 to II B.Tech. ME students.
  • Value Added Certification Program on “OPEN FORM Training” was conducted by Shyama Iyer National Coordinator Spoken Tutorial Project IIT Bombay Funded by National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India on 3rd December 2018 to 25th February 2019 to III B.Tech. ME students.
  • Value Added Certification Program on “SCI LAB Training” was conducted by Shyama Iyer National Coordinator Spoken Tutorial Project IIT Bombay Funded by National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India on 3rd December 2018 to 25th February 2019 to III B.Tech. ME students.

Guest Lectures- 2017-18

  • Dr. K Venu Gopal,Professor, NIT Warangal delivered guest Lecture on “Advances in Manufacturing Engineering” on 23rd September2017.


  • A Two day workshop on “Non-Destructive Testing’s” by A Sandhya,Vijayawada was Conducted on 21st and 22nd July-2017.
  • A Three day Workshop on “Refrigeration and air conditioning ” by Mr.Khalil was Conducted on 19th,20th&21st December 2017

Guest Lectures- 2015-16

  • Dr. M. Venu, HOD, Mechanical Engineering, VIT Bhimavaram delivered a guest lecture on “Nano Materials” on 21st March 2016.
  • Dr. N. Naga Krishna,Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, VIT Bhimavaram delivered a guest lecture on “Advanced Materials and Applications” on 10th March 2016. The speaker has explained the importance of knowledge of advanced materials to get better results in industrial applications.
  • Mr. Rayudu delivered a guest lecture on “Automation” on 31st January 2016. He explained the importance of automation in industries.
  • Dr. G.R.N. Tagore, Rtd. Professor & HOD, NIT Warangal delivered a guest lecture on “Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing Industry” for the studentsof IV-B.Tech. (A & B Sec) on 30th January 2016.

Faculty Development Programs- 2015-16

  • Sri P.Chaitanya Krishna, Sri M.Vijay Krishna, Sri R.Narendra Kumar, Sri P.Rajendra Babu, Sri J.Vijay Kumar, Sri J.Kantha Rao, Sri K.Daniel, Sri Sk.Salman Basha, Sri J.Subash Kumar and Sri P.Veera Bhadra Rao attended 3day FDP on “Integrated Product Development” organized by Dept of Mech Engg, SITE, Tadepalligudem from 5.5.16 to 7.5.16.
  • Sri M.V.Kiran Kumar, Asst.Prof. attended a Workshop on “Non-Destructive Techniques” organized by SVECW, Bhimavaram under TEQIP-II from 4.1.16 to 8.1.16.
  • Sri Y. Raghuram, and Sri M. Pavan Kumar Asst.Profs. attended 2 day FDP on “Applications of Manufacturing Technologies for make in India organized by Pragati Engg. College, Kakinada from 2.1.16 to 3.1.16.

Events 2014-15

  • Dr. N.Samba Siva Rao, Ph.D. Retired Professor, IIT Kharagpur delivered guest lectures on “An Overview of Mechanical Engineering and Competitive Exams Method of Preparation” for 2nd B.Tech. and 3rd B.Tech. Mechanical students on 14th November 2014.
  • A three day workshop on AutoCAD2014 was held from 14 to 16th September 2014.Sri Md.Shameem and Sri.K.Sudhir, AutoCAD Trainers, Jawaharlal Knowledge Centre, Hyderabad were the resource persons. Students of II & III year B.Tech. Mechanical & Civil Engineering enthusiastically participated in the workshop.
  • A One day guest lecture on “Recent Trends in Thermodynamics” was conducted on 25th April 2014 for the II year mechanical engineering students by Sri K.Ramanaiah, Associate professor, V.R. Siddhartha Engineering College was the speaker.
  • A Three-day training programme on “Finite Element Analysis software – ANSYS” was conducted from 6th to 8th Apr 2014. Mr.Vineeth Singh, Structural Engineer, M/s Innovent Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore was the trainer.
  • A Three-day workshop on “Building Radio Controlled Aircraft” was conducted from 25th to 27th Jan 2014. Mr.R. Suriyanarayanan and Mr.R.Karthik, Managers, TPO Technologies, Bangalore were the resource persons.

Events 2013-14

  • Shri L.Sivasankaran, Head – Strategic Initiatives, NVDIA Graphics India Pvt. Ltd, delivered a guest lecture on “Advanced Graphic Processing Unit (GPU)” on 22nd November, 2013
  • A One-day Work Shop on “Training and Practice of MATLAB for Thermal Engineering Solutions” was conducted on 9th March, 2013.Professor T.Srinivas, VIT University, Vellore was the resource person.
  • Mr.A.P.Justin, Vice President Human Resources, Wabco India Ltd., Chennai delivered guest lecture on “Current Trends in Mechanical Industry” on 12th Feb. 2013. Students of 2, 3 & 4th B.Tech. (Mechanical) attended the programme.
1MEK619200116K61A0346Guttula Naga Venkata Sai GaneshDr. R. Bapaiah ChoudaryDesign And Fabrication Of Trench Back-Filling Machine
  16K61A0341Godavarthi Bhavaniraju  
  16K61A0336Garapati Charan Manoj  
2MEK619200217K65A0313Kadiyam Sai Datta PrakashDr. P. Ramesh BabuEffects Of Varied Fuel Injection Opening Pressure On Performance Characteristics Of Di-Ci Engine With Diesel Additives
  17K65A0308Garapati Sai Siva Kishore  
  16K61A0312Bikkina Durga Siva Ganesh  
3MEK619200317K65A0305D Veera Venkata DurgaprasadSk. Salman BashaExperimental Investigation On Thermo Physical & Dielectric Properties Of Cuo& Tio2 Nanoparticles Based Engine Oil & Transformer Oil
  16K61A0344Guduguntla Shanmukh Harshith  
  16K61A0319Buddana Guna Teja  
4MEK619200417K65A0302Bethina RameshT N V Ashok KumarInvestigation On Mechanical Properties Of Sisal-Kenaf/Epoxy Composites
  17K65A0304Chodapaneedi Ramakrishna  
  16K61A0320Challagolla Sai Sudheer  
5MEK619200516K61A0348Jaideep EdupugantiDr. R. Bapaiah ChoudaryFabrication Of Cocoa Leaf And Pod Shredder
  16K61A0309Bandi Naveenreddy  
  16K61A0331Erpina Nikhilesh  
6MEK619200616K61A0337Garsikuti MadhupavanDr. T. Gopala RaoEffect Of Machining Parameters On Temperature During Turning Of Inconel718
  16K61A0329Donepalli Posi Kumar  
  16K61A0313Boddu Hima Sai Sankeerth  
7MEK619200717K65A0307Dubasi Bhanu PrakashJ. Subash KumarDesign And Fabrication Of Iot Based Lawnmower
  16K61A0316Bolla Manoj Babu  
  16K61A0305Alapati Sankar Kumar  
8MEK619200816K61A0303Akula Durga Satya PrasadB. Krishna MurthyStudy Of Mechanical Properties Of Oak Particle Board And E Glass Fibre Composite
  17K65A0303Chellinki Ganesh Babu  
  17K65A0311Gomada Sai Kumar  
9MEK619200916K61A0335Yenugu Ganesh KumarDr. G Kiran KumarExperimental Study On Thermal Performance Of Nano Fluids Based Various Tapes Inserted Tube-In-Tube Heat Exchanger
  17K65A0309Alapati Ashok  
  16K61A0333Gajjarapu Hari Krishna  
10MEK619201016K61A0330Doredla Sai TrinadhM. V. S. Pavan KumarFabrication Of Green Kitchen
  16K61A0324Chitikina Prasad  
  16K61A0339Geddada Anjan Kumar  
11MEK619201116K61A0347Immanni SridharR. V. BabuDesign And Fabrication Of Multipurpose Hydraulic Scissor Lift For Agricultural Applications
  16K61A0328Didde Anil Kumar  
  16K61A0311Battula Mani Ratnam  
12MEK619201216K61A0349Jaivanth EdupugantiR. V. BabuDesign And Fabrication Of Multipurpose Hydraulic Scissor Lift For Agricultural Applications
  16K61A0306Mallula Madhu Munendra  
  16K61A0322Chilukuri Sri Madhava Sai Charan  
13MEK619201316K61A0302Adusumilli RohinM. Vijay KrishnaDesign And Fabrication Of A Central Control System For A Hydraulic Lift And Hydraulic Jack
  16K61A0321Cherukuri Sasi Kumar  
  16K61A0350Janapareddy M N Sai Kiran  
14MEK619201417K65A0301Arepalli Surya Venkata TejaM V NaveenStudy Of Mechanical Properties Of Areca Sheath Fiber Reinforced Epoxycomposites
  16K61A0315Bokka Bhanu Prasad  
  16K61A0345Gundepalli Sriram  
15MEK619201516K61A0343Gopireddy ManikantaDr. T. Gopala RaoOptimization Of Machining Parameters For Inconel 718 Using Taguchi Method
  16K61A0308Badampudi Sri Sunil  
  17K65A0306Dasi Ananda Kumar  
  16K61A0323Chimmana Manohar  
16MEK619201617K65A0312Gorrela VenkateshuM. Vinod KumarIntensification Of Heat Transfer Coefficient Of An Automobile Radiator Using Sio2 Based Nanofluid As A Coolant
  16K61A0332Gaggara P S Vijay Kanth  
  16K61A0304Akula Rajesh  
  16K61A0342Goli Pradeepkumarreddy  
17MEK619201716K61A0363Kethinedi Sai MaheshDr. P. Ramesh BabuFabrication Of Smart Floor Cleaning Machine
  17K65A0322M Gowri Naga Siva Sai  
  16K61A0399Pallikonda Chandra Teja  
18MEK619201817K65A0320Locharla TanujaCh. Syam KumarFabrication Of An Electric Go Kart (Suspension, Steering And Braking)
  16K61A0364K Tarun Venkata Suresh  
  16K61A0352Jonnala Dushyanth Reddy  
19MEK619201916K61A0365Konagalla ManikantaDr. P. NehemiahEstimation Of Life Of A Cracked Rotor Shaft By Finite Element Method And Ansys
  16K61A0389N R U Venkata Bhaskar  
  16K61A0357Kamma Krishnababu  
20MEK619202017K65A0324Narina Venkata MukeshDr. T VigramanDesign And Fabrication Of Dosa Making Machine
  17K65A0326Jorigay Surya Prasad  
  16K61A0354K Chandra Sekhar  
21MEK619202116K61A0395Paila Naga VamsiK. Siva Satya MohanEnergy Enhancement Of Solarcell By Using Water Circulation System
  17K65A0318K Venkata Surya Teja  
  16K61A0375Makhavarapu Sri Harsha  
22MEK619202217K65A0319Chikatla Purna ChandDr. T VigramanDesign And Fabrication Of Automatic Tig Welding Wire Feeder And Penetration Profile Test On Bead On Aisi 1020 Steel Plate
  16K61A0366K G N S K Varaprasad  
  16K61A03A0Pasupuleti Srinivas  
23MEK619202317K65A0330Relli RambabuK. Siva Satya MohanDesign And Fabrication Of Air Conditioner Using Peltier Effect
  16K61A0398Pallerlamudi Suresh  
  16K61A0397Pallantla Balayugesh  
24MEK619202417K65A0321M V Rama Satya SasidharP Chaitanya KrishnaUtilization Of Waste Plastic In Manufacturing Of Building Materials
  16K61A0378Mekala Hemanth Kumar  
  16K61A0383M Surya Sai Varma  
25MEK619202517K65A0325Nelluri TejaS. Sri RamFabrication And Evaluation Of Green Kitchen
  17K65A0323N Durga Sai Raghava  
  16K61A0394Paidikondala Sivaganesh  
26MEK619202616K61A0359Kandula Sai SwaroopP. Rajendra BabuDesign And Fabrication Of Semi Automatic Solar Powered Lawn Mower
  16K61A0387Nalam Anilkumar  
  16K61A0356K Eswar Sai Hari Ganesh  
27MEK619202717K65A0329Putta Ravi TejaDr. G. Kiran KumarExpermental And Theoretical Studies On Laminated Glass Materias For Optimum Heat Gain In Buildings
  16K61A0370Koyyala Satish  
  16K61A0376Makupalli Vamsi  
28MEK619202816K61A0353Kaja Mani KishoreK. Vidya SagariFabrication And Analysis Of E Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites With Natural Filler Materials
  16K61A0377M S Achyutarama Akhil  
  16K61A0393Padam Chandra Sekhar  
29MEK619202916K61A0381M Kameswara GaneshR SrinathExperimental Analysis On Modified Solar Still By Using Metal Oxide Coated Glass Cover
  16K61A0390Nuthi Sai Kumar  
  16K61A0374M N V S M S Sai Krishna  
30MEK619203017K65A0315Kanteti NareshR. Narendra KumarFinite Element Analysis Of Aircraft Rib By Using Hypermesh Software
  17K65A0314Kandagiri Raghuveer  
  17K65A0317Knaga Rama Lakshmi  
31MEK619203116K61A0384Murapaka Srinivasa RaoR. SrinathExperimental And Analysis Of Solar Desalination System
  17K65A0327Pantham Veeraswamy  
  16K61A0396Palivela Pavan Kalyan  
32MEK619203216K61A0371Maddipati Ajay KumarB Kiran KumarFabrication Of Groundnut Shelling Machine
  16K61A0362K Pavan Vijay Kumar  
  16K61A0391Obillaneni Satish  
33MEK619203317K65A0328P Lakshmi Kapil KumarSk. AbdullaEffect Of Capillary Tube On The Performance Of Vapour Compression Refrigeration (Vcr) System
  17K65A0316Kasukurthi Naveen  
  16K61A0369K N Veera Venkata Mohan  
34MEK619203416K61A0368Kongara Jayanth BabuDr. P. NehemiahDesign Of Dynamic Vibration Absorber For Minimizing The Amplitude Magnification Factor
  16K61A0382Motepalli Durgaprasad  
  16K61A0388Neduri Venkata Sai Teja  
35MEK619203516K61A03A9Poosarla Ram SaiP. Chaitanya KrishnaUtilization Of Waste Plastic In Manufacturing Of Building Materials
  16K61A03A6Pithani Sai Manikanta  
  16K61A03D0T S Sai Durga Varaprasad  
36MEK619203617K65A0336Vechalapu GaneshJ. Kantha RaoFabrication And Study On Mechanical Properties Of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites By Using Stir Casting Method
  16K61A03E1V Thandavakrishna  
  16K61A03D8V Dimple Satya Deepak  
37MEK619203717K65A0334Vajrapu VinodhM. V. NaveenDesign & Analysis On Aerodynamic Structure Of A F1 Race Car Front Wing
  17K65A0337V Venkata Satyanarayana  
  16K61A03E5Yalla Ramakrishna  
38MEK619203817K65A0333Tuttaganti Sai PavanSubhani MohammedFabrication Of Abrasive Water Jet Machine
  16K61A03B9Seeram Sri Harsha  
  16K61A03C3Sunkavalli Siva Kumar  
39MEK619203916K61A03C9Thota Krishna VamsiB. Kiran KumarDesign & Fabrication Of Hovercraft (Prototype)
  16K61A03A4Pichukala Vijaya Chandra  
  16K61A03D9Vanga Sai Naga Prakash  
40MEK619204017K65A0331S Jnana Sita Rama PrasadDr. G. Kiran KumarSimulation Studies On Different Laminated Glass Materials For Optimum Heat Gain And Optimum Daylighting In Buildings
  17K65A0335V Satyanarayana  
  16K61A03C7T U S Krishna Reddy  
41MEK619204116K61A03A1Pasupuleti Srinu PrasadB. Kiran KumarDesign And Fabrication Of Electric Go-Kart (Chassis, Transmission Systems & Battery)
  16K61A03C1Srirangam Satya Swaroop  
  16K61A03A7Polamuri Rajesh  
42MEK619204216K61A03B8Seelamsetti Satya SaiMd. ShubbaniDesign And Fabrication Of Manually Operated Water Lifting Pump
  16K61A03D4V Nv Vijaya Manikanta  
  16K61A03B7Sanku Lokesh  
43MEK619204316K61A03A2P C Krishna SameerV. Durga RaoSurface Roughness Evaluation Of Aisi 4640 By Using Coated And Uncoated Carbide Tools
  16K61A03B6Sambandam Manjunadha  
  16K61A03C0Seetalam Vinay  
44MEK619204416K61A03A5Pithani Hanumantha RaoY. RaghuramDesign And Analysis Of Wave Piston With Different Materials
  17K65A0332Tayi Hari Sai Krishna  
  15K61A03C8Polinati Sairam  
45MEK619204516K61A03E0Vattimilli VinayDr. P Ramesh BabuDesign And Experimentation On Air Intake Manifold For Four Stroke Diesel Engine
  16K61A03C8T V Sri Pavan Kumar  
  16K61A03C4Surattula Sai Babu  
46MEK619204616K61A03B3Rachuri Sai PavanSk. AbdullaExperimental Investigation On Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Using Alternative Of R134a Refrigerant
  16K61A03E3Yadla Mutyala Rao  
  16K61A03B5R Pavan Nihanth Varma  
47MEK619204716K61A03E4Y P Manikanta KumarM. V. Kiran KumarDesign And Fabrication Of Mechanised Drain Cleaner
  15K61A03E9Shanka Girish Kumar  
  16K61A03D5Vaka Satish Kumar  
48MEK619204816K61A03D2Toram Siva KotiP. Phani KumarExperimental Investigation Of Machining Parameters On Mrr And Surface Roughness In Turning En 8
  16K61A03E7Yannamsetti Manikanta  
  16K61A03A3Penugonda Hemanth Raj  
49MEK619204916K61A03A8P H S Pavan SwaroopSk. Salman BaashaDesign & Fabrication Of Automatic Fish Feeder For Hovercraft
  16K61A03C5Tagaram Naveen Tej  
  16K61A03E2V Phanindra Nugalapu  
50MEK619205016K61A03D3Tripuraneni PrudhvirajT. N. V. Ashok KumarStudy Of Mechanical Properties Of Sisal And Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Polymer Composite
  16K61A03B2Puritigadda Pavankumar  
  16K61A03B1Pulidindi Sudheer Babu  
51MEK619205116K61A03E8Yarramalla S V SrikanthJ. Vijay KumarFabrication And Experimental Analysis Of Vortex Tube Refrigeration System By Varying The Geometry And Material
  16K61A03D6Vakalapudi Sesharao  
  16K61A03D7V V V S Sai Appaji
Regd. No.Name of the StudentName of the GuideTitle/ Topic of the Project
15K61A0332Duggempudi Sreekanth ReddyDr.R.Bapaiah ChoudaryFabrication and Characterization of Wool/Phenol Formaldehyde Composite
16K65A0308Ganisetti Vamsidhar
15K61A0308Alluri S S Vishnu Vardhan Chowdary
15K61A0322Champati Bharat Siva Kumar Raju
15K61A0324Chennu Brahma RajuDr.Akhilesh Kumar Singh Design and Development of Renewable Energy Source– Assisted Bicycle
15K61A0325Chitturi Avinash
15K61A0329Dattateja Uppalapati
15K61A0359Janni Venkata Manikanta
16K65A0301Alladi Prema NaveenK.Bhargav Design and Analysis of IC Engine Piston by using ANSYS
15K61A0310Baisetti Sivendra Ramarao
15K61A0309Anjuri Manikanta
15K61A0313Bheemavarapu Nageswara Rao
15K61A0352Gunipalli Sai KrishnaDr. B Ramesh Babu Heat Transfer Augmentation in Perforated Twisted Tape Inserted Co-Axial Heat Exchanger
16K65A0304Bojja Goutham
15K61A0327Chodapuneedi Sai Sri Ram
15K61A0354Haridasu Naga Gowtham
16K65A0306Donga Kodanda SriramM.V Satya Pavan Kumar Thermal Analysis on Heat Pipe with Stainless Steel as Wick andDI Water as Working Fluid
15K61A0317Bokka Sai Babu
15K61A0336Emani Surya Narayana Murthy
16K65A0303AttiNareshkumarS Venkata RambabuDesign and Static Thermal Analysis of Turbo Charger Turbine using Different Materials
15K61A0331Dommeti Pavan Kalyan
15K61A0357Jakkam Vamsi Krishna
15K61A0321Busi Pradeep KumarM V Kiran KumarDesign and Fabrication of Vertical Axis Wing Turbine for Highway Applications
15K61A0328Danduboyina Naga Subrahmanyam
15K61A0353Gunturi Venkata Ajay Varma
15K61A0314Bobba Naga Vamsi
16K65A0305BylapudiShyam PrasadCh. Syam Kumar  Fabrication of Agriculture Weeder
16K65A0310Jonnala Sai Krishna
15K61A0346Gorrela Mahesh
15K61A0347Gorrela Pavan Kumar
15K61A0304Adigarla Ramesh BabuJ.Subash Kumar  Design and Fabrication of Multi Grain Collector
15K61A0316Bogireddy Satya Siva Nagendra
15K61A0330Devina Sai Kumar
15K61A0343Gera Smaran
15K61A0319BurlaChintaiahDr. P Ramesh Babu  Fabrication &Experimental Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage using Paraffin Wax as Phase Change Material
15K61A0306Akasapu Sai Kumar
15K61A0326Chitturi Sai Kumar
15K61A0356Jada Ganesh
15K61A0333Edupuganti Devi Naga Vamsi KrishnaSk.SalmanBasha  Study of the Heat Transfer Coefficient of an Automobile Radiator Using Al2O3and Tio2Nanofluids as aCoolant
15K61A0315BodapudiTejeswar Sai
15K61A0349Gudipudi Aditya Kumar
15K61A0320Burugupalli D N V Vinaya Vijaya KumarReddy Narendra Kumar  Radial Fatigue Test on an Alloy Wheel by using ANSYS
15K61A0348Gubala Ganesh Durga Sai Prasad
15K61A0337Gadi Devendra
16K65A0307Eethakota Ravi KiranJ.Kantharao  Optimization of Machining Characteristics in EDM of Aluminium (Al7075) Based Hybrid Composite by Grey Relational Analysis
15K61A0303Addala Ganesh
15K61A0311Balam Anil Kumar
15K61A0305Ainam Sai Satish
16K65A0302Aluri Siva Sai ChanduBunga Kiran Kumar  Comparison of Mechanical Properties of INCOLOY 825 using TIG and MIG Welding
15K61A0301Abdul Afrid Basha
15K61A0312Bandi Dileep Sai Surya Teja
15K61A0350Gudla Samuel
15K61A0307AkulaYaswanth KumarV Durga RaoComparing the Performance of Domestic Refrigerator by Changing the Design of Parallel Coil Condenser to Helical Coil Condenser
15K61A0360Jonnalagadda Jayanth Kumar
15K61A0318Boppana Sri Ram Chandu
15K61A0355IrrothuSree Venkata Sairam
15K61A03B1Osuri Venkata SubrahmanyamPendyala JagadeeshStudy on Wear Properties of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
15K61A0395Merapala Nanda Ganesh
15K61A03A2Nalluri Naveen Sai
16K65A0321MutyalaSaiprakashD U V SatyanarayanaFabrication of Hydraulic Operated Scrap Collecting Truck
15K61A0373Kolla Vinay Raju
15K61A0397Mummadi Ramachandra Teja
15K61A0381Lakkimsetti Mukesh SatyendraP Satya AmarnadhStudy of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Cuoand Tio2 Based Nanofluids in an Automotive Radiator
16K65A0319Matta Manikumar
15K61A0368Karibandi Rama Naga Satya Sai Venkatesh
15K61A0386Mallipudi Dheeraj
15K61A0367KanikineediEswarR V BabuFabrication of Archimedes Spiral Wind Turbine
16K65A0313Kappala Sanjay Kumar
15K61A03B2Pakalapati Durga Siva Kumar
16K65A0320MullapudiBhuvan Sai Chandra SekharK SatyanarayanaSolar Drivers Thermoelectric Refrigerator
15K61A0396Mudunuri Vamsi Krishna
15K61A0362K Pavan Veera Manikanta
15K61A0388Manne Naveen
16K65A0316Kondeti PrakashPatsa Chaitanya Krishna  Comparing The Performance Of Domestic Refrigerator By Replacing CARE-30 As an Alternative to R134a
16K65A0315Kilaparthi Prabhakar
15K61A0370Karri YaswanthPhani Kumar
15K61A0387Mallipudi V V Rama Rao
16K65A0317Korasikha Veera Venkata SatyanarayanaM Vijay KrishnaAnalysis of Copper Electrode Wear Rate and Material Removal Rate of Aluminium in Electric Discharge Machining
15K61A0383Maddipatla Sudhir
15K61A0385Malakalapalli Sri Rama Chandrudu
15K61A0379Kunati Ganesh Kumar
15K61A03B5Pappu Poorna Sai ManikantaT.N.V Ashok KumarSynthesis and Characterization of Banana and Jute Natural Fibres Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composite
15K61A0365KamisettiSeetarama Siva
15K61A0392Marri Harsha Vardhan
16K65A0312Kamidi Harsha ManikantaJ Vijay KumarFabrication of Hopper Truck Unloaded by using Pneumatic System
15K61A0393Medimi Sanjay Kumar
15K61A03B6Pasala Durga Sai
15K61A03A5Naravula RameshDr.Peddinti NehemiahFinite Element Analysis of Mild Steel and Stainless-Steel Rotating Shaft with Transverse Crack
15K61A0361Jutta Avinash
15K61A0382Levin Ajit Nagendra MolletiB Krishna MurthyExperimental Study on Coefficient of Friction between Different Pairs
16K65A0314Kella Raju
15K61A03A3NalluriPoojit Sri Naga Satya Sai Hanuman
15K61A03A7Neelapala Ramesh
15K61A03B0Nunna MaheshG Nageswara rao  Synthesis and Characterization of Banana and Okra Fibre Natural Reinforcement Epoxy Hybrid Composite
15K61A0384Maddukuri Raman
15K61A0377Kukkala Krishna Kumar
15K61A0363Kakarla Veera Venkata Ram
15K61A0394Meesala JagadeeshDr.B Ramesh BabuHeat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics in Wing Type Twisted Tape Inserted Tube-In-Tube Heat Exchanger
15K61A03A6Nayana Manikanta
15K61A0391Manthena Murali Varma
15K61A03A0Nagala SatishK.Naga SureshFabrication of Combined Pedal for Brake and Accelerator
15K61A0390MantenaPrudvi Raju
15K61A03B4Paladugula Naveen Chowdary
16K65A0322Nagireddy Siva SairamP VVS NageswararaoFabrication of Motor Grader with Pneumatic Control
16K65A0311Jonnalagadda Sumanth
15K61A03A9Nidadavolu Veera Venkata Satya Sai Rahul
15K61A0364Kalisetti Sai Babu
15K61A0369Karri Venkata Ramana Experimental Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage using Hexadecanol as a Phase Change Material
15K61A0366Kanchiraju Sai Sriram Venkatesh
16K65A0323Naveen Pasala
16K65A0330PonnagantiUmamaheswararaoP Rajendra BabuOptimization of Process Parameters for MIG Welding on AISI 1018 Steel Plate
16K65A0335Vakalapudi Manohar
15K61A03D9Ravula Jagadeesh
15K61A03E8Shaik Mabu SubhanYaganti Raghu RamDesign and Fabrication of Go-Kart. (Frame)
16K65A0332Sangavarapu Siva Varma
15K61A03G6VallabhaneniSomeswara Rao
15K61A03D2Porupureddi T S Manikanta
16K65A0329Penumarthi UpendraShaik.ShashavaliDesign and Fabrication of Go-Kart. (Steering System and Wheels Systems)
15K61A03D1Poppoppu Devi SomeswaraLakshminadh
15K61A03E6Seetalam Chaitanya
15K61A03F2T Dheeraj Sai
16K65A0324Patchipulusu Rudra Naga Ram SaiSiripurapu SriramFabrication &Testing of a Gasifier
15K61A03E5Sattineedi Durga Prasad
15K61A03C2Peddireddy Venkatesh
15K61A03H0Vemuri Sai Bhaskar
15K61A03G3Undavalli RakeshK.DanielDesign and Fabrication of Go-Kart. (Suspension, Engine and Seat Assembly)
15K61A03D7Randhi Sai Surya
15K61A03G5Vakalapudi Naveen
15K61A03E4Saripalli Praveen Kumar
16K65A0326Pampani Naveen SrinivasDr.Peddinti NehemiahFree Vibration Analysis of Uniform and Stepped Cracked Beams with Circular Cross Section
15K61A03C3Penugurthi Abhishek
16K65A0340Eerpina Narayana Kumar
15K61A03D3Pujari Uday RamuDr.R.BapaiahChoudaryAerodynamics Analysis of an Automobile
15K61A03D4PuttaYaswanth Surya Teja
15K61A03F1Surapani Venkata Mahesh
15K61A03F5Tentu Venkat Varshith
16K65A0325Pampana Durga PrasadDr.Akhilesh Kumar SinghDesign and Fabrication of Semi-Automatic Machine for Sand Sieving and Concrete Mixing
16K65A0339Velagana Durga Bhavani
15K61A03C7Pitta Satish
15K61A03G4UppalapatiSarath Krishna
16K65A0338Nargani Krishna KumariM.Vinod KumarDesign and Analysis of Fins with Various Configurations and Materials by using ANSYS
15K61A03F3TamanampudiSantha Naresh Reddy
15K61A03F9TotaManikantaPalleti SurendraOptimization of Process Parameters for MIG Welding on ASTM A36 Mild Steel Plate by using Taguchi Method
15K61A03E0Revalla Praveen
15K61A03G1Tuluri Gowtham
15K61A03F6Tentu Venkata Praveen
16K65A0336Ganta Suguna Prasanna KumariSrinath RDesign and Fabrication of Chainless Reciprocating Pedal Bicycle
15K61A03E3Sankarapu Satish Kumar
15K61A03D5Pyla Durga Manoj Kumar
15K61A03D8Ravinuthala Chandra Kanth
16K65A0337Gunnam SwathiCh.VenkateswararaoOptimization of WEDM Process Parameters During Machining on Tungsten Carbide
15K61A03G9Velagana Sai Nageswararao
15K61A03E1Rudra Ajay Ram
15K61A03G8Vanacharla Rakesh
15K61A03D6Ragu Revanth Satya NareshP Phani KumarModelling and Thermal Analysis of Sinusoidal Wavy Fins on Cylinder Block by using Different Materials
16K65A0334Tanneru Goutam Sai Prasad
15K61A03G7Valluri Narendra
15K61A03G2Ulusu Chandra Sekhar Venkata Siva
16K65A0327PanchadiMaruthiMahendraShaik AbdullaDesign and Fabrication of Powered Tricycle
15K61A03E2Sahukari Jagadish
15K61A03H3Yalamati Ravi Chand
15K61A03C4PenumarthiManikanta Srinu
15K61A03C9PolipalliManikanta SwamiR.V.BabuFabrication and Characterization of Areca Sheet Fibre Reinforced Composites as a Replacement of Cable Supporting System
15K61A03F0Sirigina Venkat Naveen
15K61A03F8Thumati Jagadeesh Kumar
16HE5A0313Kadakam Kiran Naga Sai Konda
16K65A0333Shaik MusthafaJ.KantharaoStudy of Mechanical Properties on Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites

Regd. No.Name of the StudentName of the GuideTitle/ Topic of the Project15K65A0312G P Durga PrasadCh. Venkateshwara RaoOptimization of Process Parameters in WEDM Process14K61A0349K Raviteja15K65A0310G B Nagendra14K61A0314Ch K Chowdary14K61A0328G PurnachanduU. Sai KrishnaDesign and Analysis of Alloy Wheel Rim for Four Wheeler Vehicle14K61A0308B Rajesh Kumar14K61A0339K L V Sitaram14K61A0321Devalla Murali14K61A0331GotetiManikantaDr.RB.ChoudaryDesign Modification and Structural Analysis of Rotavator Blade15K65A0301A L S Sadgurukumar14K61A0347K Raviteja14K61A0351K N V Abhilash14K61A0325G Naveen KumarN.S.V.S.HauamanDesign and Analysis of Bike Wheel Using Polymer Matrix Composite Materials14K61A0304A V M Kanta Kumar15K65A0313J P S Manikanta14K61A0310B L Prudhvi Raj14K61A0330G L SrinivasK.DanielDesign and Analysis of Automobile Chassis made up of Light Weighted Material15K65A0311G Konda Babu14K61A0320D V Manikanta Swamy14K61A0341K Y Surya Teja15K65A0315K Durga PrasadP.Phani KumarDesign and Analysis of Disk Brake Rotor14K61A0354M DivyaTeja14K61A0348Kolasani Dinesh14K61A0316Ch H V Chowdary15K65A0316K V S PhanikumarB.Krishna MurthyEffect of Process Parameters on Temperature Distribution during Friction Stir Welding by using Finite Element tool14K61A0329G V Durga Avinash14K61A0312Chintala Suneel14K61A0356M Anand Kumar14K61A0333G Rajesh KumarP.SurendraDesign and Fabraction of Automatic Breaking System in Hill Station14K61A0336I Leela Krishna14K61A0317ChundruRamjee14K61A0335I Srinivasavarma15K65A0309G  Sai Anil KumarP.Chaitanya KrishnaDesign and Fabraction of Dual Fuel Bike14K61A0338K Chandhu Babu14K61A0307Bhogavalli Anil14K61A0324G V V S Gowtham14K61A0352L Y N A SwamyDr.R.UmaMaheswara RaoInvestigation on wear characteristics of AL(LM16) based metal matrix composites fabricated through stir casting process14K61A0344Kavala Siva Prasad14K61A0303A Sateesh Kumar15K65A0302AtluriPhani15K65A0314Joga VenkateshJ.Subash KumarEffect of Material Matrix Layer Orientation in Composite Laminates15K65A0303Ch Satish Kumar14K61A0318Ch Teja Sunil14K61A0315Ch Pavan Kumar15K65A0306Chitturi SairamJ.Kantha RaoOptimization of Process Parameters in LBM Process14K61A0350K V K Kanth14K61A0309B Pradeep14K61A0346K Venkata Siva14K61A0342K Siva KumarSk..Salman BashaExperimental Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Natural Hair & Bamboo Coir Reinforced Epoxy Composite15K65A0307D Sai Varma14K61A0326GanjiVinil Babu14K61A0322E V Padmarao14K61A0357M AdityasriT.N.V.Ashok KumarSynthesis & Characterization of Kevlar and Hemp Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composites14K61A0343K V Venkateswara Rao14K61A0355M Prakash15K65A0308D S Phanindra Kumar14K61A0345K Venkata SrinivasY.Raghu Ram M.V.Kiran KumarDesign and Fabraction of Tricycle Modeling and Analysis of Hub for all terrain Vehicle15K65A0317K V Nagendra Babu14K61A0301A Bala Suresh14K61A0319D S Harsha Kumar15K65A0304Ch Srinivas14K61A0305B  L V Satya Sai BabuPendyala JagadeeshStudy on Wear Properties of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites14K61A0327G S A M D Murty14K61A0332G A Nagendra Varma14K61A0311B SrinivasK.BhargavDesign and Analysis of Automobile Drive Shaft15K65A0318K Sandeep14K61A0306B Ramesh Kumar14K61A0353Magapu Rajesh15K65A0305Ch RamakrishnaP.Veerabhadra RaoDesign and Fabrication of Plant Cutter14K61A0323G D V Satyanarayana14K61A0313Ch Srikanth14K61A0334G Ramesh14K61A0378Praveen H S Kumar RDr.R.B.ChoudaryDesign and Fabrication of a Clay Cup Making Machine14K61A0393U Bulliram14K61A0387S V V S Durga Prasad14K61A0389T Sivarama Krishna15K65A0335T VyshnaviD.U.V.SatyanarayanaOptimization of a WJM Process Paramters for Machining Tungsten Carbide using Fuzzy Topsis Method14K61A0376P P G Bhargav14K61A0360M Rakesh14K61A0361M Yeswanth15K65A0337T Venkata SirishaDr.R.UmaMaheswara RaoInvestigation on Mechanical Properties of ALLM16/AlN Metal Matrix Composites Fabricated Through Stirr Casting Process15K65A0326M S D Venkata Ramya14K61A0391T Himavanth14K61A0365N Sai Krishna15K65A0336T Lakshmi DurgaP.V.V.S.Nageswara RaoOptimization of Machining Parameters of Al6061 20%Sic by using AWJM Process15K65A0339U Vinay Babu14K61A0369P G Umesh Kumar14K61A0372P Mani Kumar14K61A0383S Chandram BabuSk.ShashavalliNano Particles as Friction Reduction and Anti Wear Additives in Lubricating Oil15K65A0329P Durga Prasad15K65A0321M  Ajay Ram Kumar14K61A0363N Durga Naga Sai15K65A0338Thangati Hari KrishnaM.Vinod KumarExperimental Analysis of Automobile Radiator using Nano Fluids15K65A0330Pilli C S Manikanta14K61A0398V J Naga Prasad14K61A0380Ragu Raja Sekhar15K65A0328ParimiSravaniB.Kiran KumarEffect of Process Parameters on the life of Friction Stir Welded Joints14K61A0366Pakanti Raju14K61A0386Shaik Thanveer14K61A0375Pitta Kranti Kumar14K61A0385Shaik SaraseemaJohnyJ.Madhu KiranEffect of Fiber Orientation on Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Pineapple/Banana Fiber Polymer Composites14K61A0390T S Jayanth Kumar14K61A0397V Pradeep Kumar14K61A0399V Sai Babu15K65A0325M SupriyaT.V.Satya SivaSimulation of Stir Casting Process Using Computational Fluid Dynamics15K65A0324M N V S Prasanth14K61A0359Mullapudi Lokesh13K61A0362M S Praveen Reddy14K61A0368P V PrasanthDr. Akhilesh Kumar SinghFabrication of Motor-Controlled Machine for Welding and Cutting Purposes14K61A0394U Lokesh Krishna14K61A0382S U Vasu Nagi Reddy14K61A03A3Y Venkateswara Rao15K65A0331P D PrasannaR.Narendra KumarDesign and Analysis of a Two Wheeler Suspension Frame of Different Cross Section14K61A03A7Y V V Satyanarayana14K61A0396V Yaswanth14K61A0371P Siva Shankar14K61A0381S V TejasriVihariK.Naga SureshStudy of Pre – Stress Effect on the Dynamic Analysis of Centrifugal Pump Impeller14K61A03A1VudimudiChinna Raju14K61A0373P Saiharish14K61A0367P K S Vamsi Krishna15K65A0320Mandapati VamsiCh. Mani Kumar J.Vijay KumarFEA & CFD Analysis on Differential Stroke – Cycle Piston Engine (D-Cycle) Design and CFD Analysi of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger14K61A0388T D S Subrahmanyam14K61A0362M Satya Sai Prasanth14K61A0395VadrevuPranoy14K61A0364N Rambabu15K65A0332P Lakshman KumarP Rajendra BabuOptimization of Process Parameters for MIG Welding on AISI 1018 Steel Plate15K65A0334Sunkara Ram Mohan14K61A03A2V M Narayana14K61A03A0V M S S Naga SaiM.Vijay KrishnaA Study on Cu-SiC-Gr Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite14K61A03A6Y Ramanjaneyulu14K61A0377P Surya Narayana14K61A03A5Y Srikanth15K65A0319M S Meenakshi ManiM.V.Pavan KumarOptimization of Heat Transfer Parameters to Enhance Colling Performance in Automobile radiator using Nano fluid14K61A0379P V V D Vara Prasad13K61A03B3Villuri Sekhar14K61A0370ParimiSubbaraidu15K65A0333Shaik FayazP.Rajendra BabuDesign and Fabrication of Rotating and Tilting Vice for Radial Drilling Machine15K65A0327N N V Krishna Prasad14K61A0392T S Rama Krishna14K61A0384Seshapu Ramesh14K61A0374P G D NagasaiTejaCh. Syam KumarDesign and Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring using Genetric Algorithm14K61A03A4Y L K Mani Kumar15K65A0322M Vikramkoti15K65A0312G P Durga Prasad

Guide NameProject Title
Sri.T.N.V.Ashok kumarEffect of chemical treatment on mechanical properties
of Okra fibre reinforced epoxy composites
Sri.B.Krishna MurthyPredection of MRR by using genetic algorithm
Sri.M.VijaykrishnaDesign and structural analysis of
oppressive tweel tyre
Sri.P.Phani kumarModelling and thermal analysis of
sinusoidal wavy fins on cylider block
Dr.R.B.ChoudaryFinite element analysis of brake drum
Sri.J.KantharaoOptimization of end millimg process
parameters using grey relational analysiS
Sri.Ch.ManikumarDesign and analysis of Axial S.I engine using CFD
Sri.P.SurendraModelling and analysis of a carbon fiber
composite made impeller of a turbo charger for
a diesel enginE
Sri.J.Subhash KumarDesign and analysis of piaggioape clutch
plate with different friction materials
Sri.J.Vijay KumarDesign and fabrication of versatile machine
Sri.Sk.Salman BashaModelling and analysis of a low loader chasis
Sri.P.Chaitanya KrishnaDesign and analysis of scissor jact
with multiple arms
Sri.S.Ravi KumarGrain refinement of alminium6061 alloy
using ECAP method
Sri.B.Kiran KumarFabrication of sorting machine
Sri.R.Narendra KumarStructural analysis of ferro fluid magnetic
shock absorber
Sri.P.Veera BhadraraoFabrication of Electricity free refrigeration
system using LPG as a refrigerant
Sri.J.Subhash KumarExperimental analysis of friction stirr welding
of copper and aluminium joints
Sri.B.Kiran KumarDesign and analysis of air craftwing under
accoustic loading using ansys
Sri.P.Rajendra BabuStructural and thermal analysis of poppet
valve made of Al-SiCalloy using FEA
Sri.P.SurendraDesign and analysis of aircompressor cylinder
Sri.K.DanielAerodynamic analysis on carprofile using CFD
Sri.P.Chaitanya krishnaStimulation human body hormer using FEA technique
Sri.Sk.ShashavaliAnalysis of mechanical properties of copper
aluminium nickel alloy by using ECAP method
Sri.B.Krishna MurthyPrediction of process parameters for optimal
MRR using artificial neural network technique
Sri.J.KantharaoFatigue analysis of welde joints
Sri.Y.RaghuramDesign and analysis of vertical axis
wind turbine blade
Sri.M.V.Kiran kumarDesign and analysis of double pipe heat
exchanger with continuous fins
Sri.M.V.Pavan kumarOptimization of heat transfer in tube and
tube heat exchanger using CFD
Sri.Dr.R.B.ChoudaryPreparation and characterisation chicken
feather fiber composite
Sri.D.U.V.SatyanarayanaOptimization of wire EDM process parameters on nitinol
Sri.Ch.ManikumarModelling and static analysis of split cycle engine
Sri.Ch.shyam kumarStructural and thermal analysis of rotor disc of disc brake
Guide NameProject Title
Sri.J KantharaoOptimisation of Micro-EDM process parameters
Sri.R Narendra KumaryDesign and fabrication of pedal operated washing machine
Sri.Dr. R B ChoudaryAutomatic block board duster
Mrs.P Divya BinduFabrication of pantograph universal cutting machine
Sri.P Phani KumarPower generating shock absorbers
Sri.K DanielFabrication of electromagnetic braking system
Sri.B Krishna MurthyDesign and analysis of blow off cock assembly
Sri.P.SurendraFour way Hacksaw machine
Sri.P Veera BhadraraoPedal operated centrifugal pump
Sri.M NanibabuFabrication of pendulum based water pump
Sri.Ch.VenkateawararaoDesign and analysis of crack propagation in welded joint
Sri.K Naga SureshFabrication of Elbow power transmissions
Sri.M V Kiran KumarSelf filling water bottle
Sri.J Vijay KumarPedal operated Drilling machine
Mrs.M Divya JyothiFabrication of magnetic gears
Sri.N ShyambabuFPalm oil as an engine oil in IC Engine
Sri.Dr. R B CHOUDARYDesign and analysis of blunt nose cone of hypersonic vehicles
Sri.P Rajendra BabuDesign and fabrication of kinetic energy recovery system in bicycle
Sri.D U V SatyanarayanaFabrication of multi nut remover and tighter
Sri.P.SurendraDesign and fabrication of pedal operated flour mill
Sri.B Kiran KumarDesign and fabrication of detachable power wheel chair
Sri.R RajaDesign and analysis of disc braking system
Sri.Y RaghuramDesign and fabrication of pedal operated hacksaw cutting machine
Sri.M Vinod KumarDesign and analysis of thick walled cylinder with holes
Sri.M Vijay KrishnaDesign and analysis of composite leaf springs for light vehicles
Sri.P Chaitanya KrishnaFabrication of solar and pedal assisted bicycle
Sri.J KantharaoDesign and fabrication of forced ventilation system using ceiling fan
Sri.J Subash KumarPortable band saw
Sri.Dr.R.B.ChoudaryDesign and fabrication of wheeled backpack cum head mount
Sri.K BargavSolar dryer with auto tracking
Sri.P.Veera bhadraraoptimization of Wire-EDM Process parameters on INCONEL 718
P V V S Nageswara RaoSabrication of Pedal operated cassava peele
View Industrial Visits

Academic Year – 2019-2020

  • An Industrial visit to GS Alloys Castings Limited Unit-2, Surampalli, Vijayawada was organized for III B.Tech. ME students on 15th February 2020 Resource Person is Mandava Ramesh, Assistant Manager
  • An Industrial visit to Kusalava International Limited, Vijayawada was organized for III B.Tech. ME students on 6th March 2020 Resource Person is YRB Prasad Assistant Manager, HR

Academic Year – 2018-19

  • An Industrial visit to APGPCL , Vijjeswaram was organized for the IV B.Tech. students on 30th July 2018.
  • An Industrial visit to Nandina Iron & steels pvt ltd. Nidadavole was organized for the II B.Tech. students on 7th September 2018.
  • An Industrial visit to Sri Sarvaraya sugars ltd. Gopalapuram was organized for the III B.Tech. students on 12th February 2019.

Academic Year – 2017-18

  • An Industrial visit to Sri Sarvaraya Sugars Bottling Unit Pvt ltd,Vemagiri, E.G.Dt was organized for the IV B.Tech.A students on 28th July 2017.
  • An Industrial visit to Sri Sarvaraya Sugars Bottling Unit Pvt ltd,Vemagiri, E.G.Dt was organized for the IV B.Tech.B students on 29th July 2017.
  • An Industrial visit to APHMEL, Kondapalli, Vijayawada was organized for the III B.Tech. students on 26th September 2017.
  • An Industrial visit to APGPCL , Vijjeswaram was organized for the II B.Tech. students on 26th December 2017.

Academic Year – 2016-17

  • An Industrial visit to Wagon workshop, Vijayawada was organized for the III B.Tech.A students on 5th August 2016.
  • An Industrial visit to Nandina Iron&steels pvt ltd. Nidadavole was organized for the II B.Tech. students on 3th September 2016.
  • An Industrial visit to Photons Food Processing Engineers,Nidadavole was organized for the II B.Tech. students on 8th September 2016.
  • An Industrial visit to Arnav Polymers Pvt Ltd , Narayanapuram was organized for the IV B.Tech. students on 17th September 2016.
  • An Industrial visit to Sri Sarvaraya Sugars Bottling Unit Pvt ltd,E.G.dt was organized for the IV B.Tech. students on 17th September 2016.

Academic Year – 2015-16

  • An Industrial visit to Delta Paper Mill and Vendra and Salia Polymers, Undi was organized for the III B.Tech. students on 14th March 2016. Mr. B. Kiran Kumar, and Mr.P. Chaitanya Krishna Asst. Prof. accompanied the students during the visit.
  • An industrial visit to Spintex Mills, was organized for the II B.Tech. students on 13th January 2016.
  • An Industrial visit to Nandina Castings, Brahmanagudem was organized for the II B.Tech. students on 11th January 2016. Mr. B. Kiran Kumar, Mr.P. Phani Kumar, Mr.K.James and Ms. Sindhuri, Asst. Prof. accompanied the students during the visit.
  • An Industrial visit to Railway Wagon Workshop, Guntupalli, Vijayawada was organized for the III B.Tech. students on 14th December 2015. Mr.Y. Raghu Ram, Asst. Prof. accompanied the students during the visit.
S.No.Name of the FacultyTitle with Vol,Page Nos. DOI, Year, etc.CitationsName of Journal &ISSN/ ISBN No.SCI/SCOPUS/UGC
1.Dr.G Kiran Kumar




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Pedal operated weeder for eco-friendly management of


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Ergonomic Evaluation of the Three Implements of the


Manual Weeder for Farmers

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S.No.Name of the FacultyTitle with Page Nos.Name of Journal with Vol., Page No. Year, etc.ISSN/ ISBN No.Peer Reviewed /Impact factor, if any
1.Dr. Ramesh Babu BejjamSteady State Performance of Two Phase Natural Circulation Loop: Two Vertical Branches with Point Heat Source and SinkIJPATCA, Special Issue 1, July 20192395-3519Peer Reviewed
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3.Dr.R.B.ChoudaryMechanical  Properties of Teak Fiber Reinforced Epoxy CompositesJ.Mech.Cont.&Math.Sci., Special issue No.3, September(2019)pp.114-124Peer Reviewed
4.Dr.R.B.ChoudaryNoval use of waste chicken feather fibre in making prototype non-woven mats and their evaluationIOP Conference series: Material science and Engineering(2019)  
5.Dr.R.B.ChoudaryA pedal operated cocoa pod breakerAIP Conference Proceedings(2019)  
6.Dr. Ramesh Babu BejjamAn effect of riser and downcomer diameter variation on the performance of two-phase natural circulation loopIJMPERD, Vol. 9, Special Issue, Dec 20192249–6890SCOPUS
7.Dr.G Kiran KumarThermal and cost analysis of various air filled double glased reflrctive windows for energy efficient buildingsJournal of building engineering, Vol.28, November 20192352-7102SCI Impact factor: 2.378
S.No.Name of the FacultyTitle with Page Nos.Name of Journal with Vol., Page No. Year, etc.ISSN/ ISBN No.Peer Reviewed /Impact factor, if any
1.Dr.P.NehemiahShaking Force and Shaking Moment Balancing of two types of Watt MechanismsIJCET,
Volume 8 Issue 6 December  2018 pp.1660-1667
2347 – 5161Peer Reviewed
2.Dr.R.B.ChoudaryStudy on CFF-Polyester CompositesElsevier,  Volume 4,   Issue 2, December 2018 pp  8514-8522 Peer Reviewed
3.Satya Amarnadh Parimi,Experimental Study Of Heat Transfer Characteristics Of CuO &
TiO2 Based Nanofluids in an Automotive Radiator
Volume 6 Issue 1 February 2019
2348-1269UGC Approved I.F -5.75
Sheik Salman Basha ,
K. Satyanarayana
4.Sk. Salman BashaSynthesis and characterization of TiO2 Polyaniline nano composites for photo voltaic applicationsIJSRR,
Volume 8 Issue 2 Feb. 2019
2279-543XUGC Approved
V. Durga Rao
5.P. Rajendra BabuDesign and Fabrication of Rotating and Tilting Vice (New Technique) for Radial Drilling MachineIJRASET,
Volume 7 Issue 3 March 2019
2321-9653UGC Approved
Ch. Mani Kumar
K. Daniel
6.K.DanielAerodynamic Analysis on a Car Body Using CFDIJRAR,
Volume 6 Issue 1 to 30 March 2019
2348-1269UGC Approved
Ch. Mani Kumar
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7.V.DurgaraoExperimental investigation of friction stir welding of two dissimilar metals of copper and alluminium alloy 6061IJRAR,
Volume 6 Issue 1 February 2019
2348-1269UGC Approved
P. Jagadeesh
8.B Krishna MurthyTribological Behaviour of Aluminium Alloys (AL2014, AL7075, AL2025)IJESI Volume 8 Issue 4 April 2019 PP 53-572319-6726UGC Approved
P Surendra
9.M V Kiran KumarCFD Analysis of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger with FinsIJRAR,
Volume 6 Issue 1 March 2019 pp
2349-5138UGC Approved
B Krishna Murthy
P Surendra
10.P SurendraOptimization of process parameters for MIG welding on ASTM A36 mild steel plateJETIR,
Volume 6 Issue 4 April 2019 pp
2349-5162Peer Reviewed
B Krishna Murthy
M V Kiran Kumar
11.Dr. Ramesh Babu BejjamExperimental Studies on Nanofluid Based Rectangular Natural Circulation LoopJournal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications Volume 11 Issue 4 August 2019 Pp 041006-041016 SCI (IF 0.995)
Experimental investigation on the effect of particle concentration and temperature on thermo physical properties of water based metal oxide nanofluidsInternational Conference on Applied Mechanical Engineering Research (ICAMER 2019). NIT Warangal. May 2-4, 2019 pp Peer Reviewed
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View Roll of Honour
S.No.Roll NumberName of the StudentYear of PassingPercentage
102K61A0338P.S.V.KRISHNA KANTH200683.55
203K61A0347L.SRI SITA RAM CHOWDARY200782.29
304K61A0321L.JAGADISH BABU200881.73
506K61A0333P.GANESH RAGHU201078.78
608K65A0303E.K.SUBBA RAO201177.16
708K61A0332M.BHARGAVI NAGA JYOTHI201284.46
809K61A0309B.VENKATA BHARATH201388.31
910K61A0325J.V.V.S.VARA PRASAD201485.16
1011K61A0362M.PRUDVI KRISHNA201584.98
1214K65A0319P.SRI NAGA SAI PAVANI201777.51
1315K65A0312G.PRAVEEN DURGA PRASAD201881.74
1516K61A0363K.Sai Mahesh20208.73 GPA
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Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering
Tadepalligudem Pin Code: 534101
Department Head Phone No: 8096900003

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3Engineering Chemistry-1link1 to download link2 to download
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5Environmental studieslink1 to download link2 to download
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6Automobile Engineeringlink1 to download link2 to download
IV Year II sem
S NoCourse NameUseful Links
1Production planning and controllink1 to download link2 to download
2Automation in manufacturinglink1 to download link2 to download
3Power plant engineeringlink1 to download link2 to download
4Interactive computer graphicslink1 to download link2 to download