General Contact Information


Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering, Near Aerodrome, Tadepalligudem, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh - 534 101


Office: 9505100007
Admissions: 9000274766 / 9505600007
Mail: [email protected]
Placements: [email protected] / 8106777444
Mobile: [email protected]

Hour of operation

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 20:00
Sunday & Saturday: 10:30 - 22:00


Prof. Md. Ismail

Phone number 8217855759

Dean- Student affairs

T J V Subrahmanyeswara Rao

Phone number 9491174001

Grievance Coordinators

Staff Grievance: Dr. Sohel Rana,

Phone number 9182224528

Students Grievance: Dr . T V Raghu

Phone number Phone : 8096900009 / 9440425480


Dr. CRS Hanuman

Phone number 9000274766, 9505600007

Alumni contact

Dr. K. Subhash Bhagavan

Phone number 8096900006


Mr. B Kiran Kumar

Phone number 9701187001

Controller of Examinations

Dr. K Bhanu Prasad

Phone number 8374219666

Dean- ICT & Innovative Teaching Learning (ILT)

Dr. Sohel Rana

Phone number 9182224528

Women Welfare

Dr. P Rama Krishnaveni

Phone number 9985623253


Lt. P. S. Sekhar/Mr. Sk Salman Basha

Phone number 8099119652/ 9177489662

Physical Education & Sports

Lt. P. S. Sekhar/ Dr. T J V Subrahmanyeswara Rao

Phone number 8099119652/9491174001

Placement & Industry Interaction

Mr. E John Moshe

Phone number 8106777444

Dean- Academics

Dr. B. Satyanarayana

Phone number 8341104228

Office- Administrative officer

Mr.V V N Sujit

Phone number 9505100007

Career Development Cell

P V Srinivasa Sarma

Phone number 9701082509


Dr. K N V Siva

Phone number 9493847365, 8977257365

Hostel Incharge

Mr. V Babu Ravipati

Phone number 7093667999