Women Welfare/Sexual harassment Eradication cell

The Women Welfare / Sexual harassment eradication Cell of the College has been established to safeguard the self-esteem and rights of the women in the college. The women redressal consists of seven faculty members and fifteen student members. The cell attends to various complaints from the women in the campus, especially to issues regarding women harassment. Appropriate and prompt actions are assured to complainants approaching the cell.


  • The foremost objective of this cell is to safeguard the self-esteem and rights of the women in the college; empowering them to take part in all the activities of the college and thereby make them to feel that they are no longer inferior to men.
  • Women's Welfare Cell renders its support for the upliftment of girl students of rural areas.
  • Women's Welfare Cell also provides a platform to uphold the dignity of women at work.
  • Any type of sexual harassment ie physical, verbal or mental shall come under the purview of the cell, and it is empowered to initiate legal actions against such offences.


  • To enlighten the women in the college,about their legal rights and to strive towards the empowerment of the women through the promotion of gender amity and programmes concerning women welfare.


  • Women's Empowerment through Education.
  • Solving women related issues and complains.
  • Creating awareness about women's welfare and conducting Programmes concerning women's welfare.
  • Handle case works and counseling.
  • Organizing the Self-defense Course for the women/girls of the college community.
  • Improving interpersonal skill.
  • Creating awareness against harassment.
  • Promotion of Gender amity
  • Organize health awareness programmes such as stress-control or prevention of cancer.
  • Organize seminar/workshops on legal rights of women.
  • Organize cultural programmes with the basic objective of increasing awareness in women.


  • M L Bhavani,
  • Coordinator,
  • Women Welfare/Sexual harassment Eradication cell,
  • Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering,
  • Tadepalligudem- 534101
  • Email id : womenwelfare@sasi.ac.in

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