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Research has been an integral component of the engineering education in Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering even before its attainment of NAAC and NBA accreditation. A noteworthy development in this direction has been the recent establishment of R & D Cell. Establishment of the centre is definitely going to boost the research environment.

             Encouraging and sustaining innovation and research in the regular academics of the institution requires a sturdy administrative courage and strong concern for academic excellence and the SITE has continuously evinced it through its functioning. The Central Library is very rich in its contents to facilitate research. Internet access is provided to the library by way of Campus Networking and getting connected to DELNET. Access to more than 9300 full text online journals is also made available. In addition there are several department libraries catering to the needs of the respective departments.

            Extension activities can be seen in the various means of disseminating the experiences and research outputs of staff and students. SITE provides platform in the form of organizing regional and national level workshops, seminars, conferences and symposia in various disciplines. Similarly the faculty members are encouraged and given full support to participate in various National and International fora. Besides these, there are several other ways in which expertise available is extended to personnel in and outside the Institute.

            The research findings and project outcomes of the staff and students always find a fair place in various standard publications in the form of books, reports, monographs and articles in journals and periodicals. Newsletter is also brought out by the Institute from time to time to keep the members of the SITE abreast with its activities and achievements.


  • To establish, run and maintain amicable rapport with professional research institutions to provide suitable education, training, research etc. for advancement of knowledge and intellectual identity.
  • To initiate and integrate a network with various peer academicians for strengthening the technical research and development activities.
  • To promote and propagate technical, computer and managerial education, and create an individual human assets among the staff members.
  • To provide full pledged infrastructure with high standard facilities for healthy interaction with the industry and with other universities/ institutions.
  • To conduct workshops, discussion, seminar, conference by professional body corporate on contemporary issues with identification of thrust areas in the technical and the managerial education.
  • To promote the exchange of information, ideas and research findings to the policy- makers for ultimate benefit of the society.
  • A research and development cell is responsible for innovations in technical and managerial pedagogies. This R & D is creating innovative application of ideas to keep institute a step ahead in the competition. Many institutes are also relying on the R&D cell to explore new ways of professional education.
  • Our institute is thriving to succeed by creating quality education as well as by increasing institute's credibility through cost-efficient methods. In this process our research and development cell is primarily responsible for ensuring that these activities are met.
  • Often, research and development works closely with the interdisciplinary approach which is lined with latest trends by surveying and researching student's demands, imparting modern methods and the existence of technology across the relevant social requirements. The research and development cell gathers all the data, and makes this information available to the analysis, which will take action in response to the findings and proceed to keep the institute on top of current social needs.
  • To build and sustain strategic research clusters of excellence that leverage existing institute strengths, match well with future directions of the organization, offer good career opportunities for institute's graduates that are of strategic importance to nation, and are in areas attracting significant extramural funding.
  • To expand regional, national, and international partnerships with industry, government, and academia in economic development.
  • To emphasize across the targeted strategic research clusters interdisciplinary initiatives that result in nationally and internationally recognized distinctive and innovative sponsored research programs.
  • To foster research partnerships, integrating research programs across campus, and promoting opportunities for collaboration with other campuses of JNTU Kakinada.
  • To promote the protection, transferring, and commercialization of intellectual property, and develop links to economic development in India, advancing Translating Research into Practice and other initiatives with major economic and societal impact.
  • To foster systematic integration of the research experience in undergraduate programs, leading to research-based learning in the academic disciplines across the institution.
  • To promote alignment and optimization of graduate programs with respect to the strategic research clusters, consultancy services including development of distinctive doctoral programs. Moreover, to expand research opportunities and resources to that extent and support a robust number of postdoctoral fellows in future development.
S No Name Designation Department Email id Contact No
1 Dr. R Bapaiah Choudary Professor ME 9866215185
2 Er. P L Suresh Asst. Professor AS & H 9573964049
3 Er. K Chiranjeevi Asst. Professor CE 9985752463
4 Dr. Ananda Kumar Kinjarapu Professor CSE 8332910617
5 Er. A Kabir Das Assoc. Professor ECE 9000560323
6 Er. B N V V Prudhvi Krishna Asst. Professor EEE 9705551777
7 Er. Shameena Begum Assoc.Professor IT 9440774520
8 Er. P Surendra Assoc.Professor ME 9989295400
9 Er. N.Suresh Babu Asst. Professor MS 9703586747
10 Er. M Saritha Asst. Professor PE 9494342446


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  • Dean (R & D)
  • Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering,
  • Tadepalligudem- 534101
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Board Activities of the Department

  • R Ravikumar,
  • Assistant Profesor,
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering,
  • Tadepalligudem- 534101
  • Contact: 9492242749
  • Email id:
  • P Kamala Devi ,
  • Physical director,
  • Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering,
  • Tadepalligudem- 534101
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