Administrative Reforms

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1Guidelines for Effective Counselling for Students on  Academic and Non-Academic ActivitiesSITE/AO/Academics/08/2021-22/2Click Here
2Plastic Free CampusSITE/AO/P&D/08/2021-2022/1Click Here
3Central Library Rules and RegulationsSITE/AO/P&D/09/2021-2022/1Click Here
4General Behavior of studentsSITE/AO/SA/09/2021-2022/03Click Here
5Responsibilities of Faculty In-charges –Center for Extension ActivitiesSITE/AO/FA/08/2021-2022/2Click Here
6Duties and Responsibilities of Librarian and Assistant LibrarianSITE/AO/ P&D /9/2021-2022/06Click Here
7Faculty orientation off line/ online lecture every weekSITE/AO/FA/9/2021-2022/2Click Here
8Conduct RulesSITE/AO/FA/9/2021-2022/2Click Here
9Instructions to the FacultySITE/AO/FA/08/2021-2022/1Click Here
10Guidelines for Conduction of Certificate CoursesSITE/AO/CC/07/2021-2022/01Click Here
11Housekeeping services in all buildings at SITESITE/AO/ P&D /9/2021-2022/1Click Here
12Hostel Rules and RegulationsSITE/AO/SA/09/2021-2022/01Click Here
13Powers and Duties of the Administrative Officer (AO)SITE/AO/ 09/2021-2022/1Click Here
14Rules for Travelling in the SITE BusesSITE/AO/SA/09/2021-2022/02Click Here
15Responsibilities of HODSITE/AO/FA/12/2021-2022/01Click Here
16Power and Functions if the PrincipalSITE/AO/FA/12/2021-2022/02Click Here
17Measures initiated by the institute degradable and non-degradable waste SITE/AO/ P&D /12/2021-2022/01Click Here
18Measures initiated by the institute for the promotion of gender equitySITE/AO/SA/12/2021-2022/02Click Here
19Measures initiated by the institute for the promotion of gender sensitizationSITE/AO/SA/12/2021-2022/04Click Here
20Gender Equality PolicySITE/AO/SA/12/2021-2022/05Click Here
21IT PolicySITE/AO/ P&D /01/2021-2022/02Click Here
22Plagiarism PolicySITE/AO/ R&D /01/2021-2022/01Click Here
23INTERNAL & EXTERNAL FINANCIAL AUDITSSITE/AO/Accounts/01/2021-2022/01Click Here
24Administrative Action against RaggingSITE/AO/SA/12/2021-2022/01Click Here
25Procedure for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities   SITE/AO/ P&D /01/2021-2022/01Click Here
26Central Library –Policies and ProceduresSITE/AO/ P&D /01/2021-2022/04Click Here
27Geo tagged images for reports preparationSITE/AO/ P&D /02/2021-2022/09Click Here
28Planning and Development Division Benchmarks Expected Goals— for NBA and NAACSITE/AO/ P&D /02/2021-2022/01Click Here
29Methodologies to be implemented to improve the Perception of the InstituteSITE/AO/ P&D /02/2021-2022/08Click Here
30Strategies for mobilization of funds and the optimum utilization of resourcesSITE/AO/ P&D /01/2021-2022/02Click Here
31Terms  and Conditions for Purchase of Books in the Central Library, SITESITE/AO/ P&D /02/2021-2022/06Click Here
32Powers and duties of the Finance OfficerSITE/AO/ P&D /01/2021-2022/05Click Here
33Weeding out of obsolete documentsSITE/AO/ P&D /01/2021-2022/04Click Here
34Central Library – submission of monthly reportSITE/AO/Central Library/01/2021-2022/01Click Here
35Conduction of Internal & External financial auditSITE/AO/Accounts/01/2021-2022/01Click Here
36Department Level Monthly ActivitiesSITE/AO/IQAC/09/2021-2022/2Click Here
37Definition of RaggingSITE/AO/SA/12/2021-2022/03Click Here
38Policies and Norms given by PrincipalSITE/AO/Academics/07/2021-2022/02Click Here