Research and Development (R&D) Cell at SASI Institute of Technology& Engineering plays a pivotal role in fostering and coordinating research initiatives aimed at addressing societal challenges. The cell actively manages and facilitates funding and consultancy projects, thereby enhancing the research capabilities of both faculty and students. By engaging collaborative efforts with industries and premier funding agencies, the institute actively contributes to solving real-world problems. In its pursuit of turning vision and mission into reality, the institution take proactive steps to promote innovations among faculty and students. Through strategic partnerships with industries, the institute seeks mutual benefits and actively participates in problem-solving endeavours. Committed to achieving excellence in both fundamental research and the development of cutting-edge technologies, the institution provides a high-quality research training experience for its students. To stay at the forefront of global research, the institute maintains relevance by establishing connections with industry and academia. This is accomplished through active participation in local and international research networks, ensuring a continuous exchange of knowledge and ideas.