Hobby Club


SITE encourages the holistic development of the students by coordinating and promoting a variety of educational, recreational, social, cultural and entertainment programs and services. These programs and services provide students with opportunities to develop better insights into group process, enhances creative thinking skills, leadership skills and nurture individual talents.


The Cell had sought to develop and improve entrepreneurial skills to start small and medium scale industries. The EDC considered as a part of the Institution Policy which was articulated in the Vision and Mission of Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering. Students should contribute their knowledge for the Economic and Social Development of the construction of strong industrial country with the following important objectives:

  • To bring out hidden talents of the students.
  • To increase the social relationship in the college hence to mingle with society.
  • To expose the students to various cultures and respect them.
  • To encourage the students to express their inner feelings to the outside world.
  • To make the students more active in their academics by providing a platform for recreation and self-expression.


  • Fresher’s Day Celebrations-2014
  • Independence Day Celebrations-2014
  • Flash MOB Dance
  • College Day Celebrations-2013
  • Literary & Painting Competitions on(Holi)
  • Alumni Meet
  • Rangoli and Painting Competition (Pongal)
  • Kites Competition
  • Sasi family Get together
  • Fresher’s Day Celebrations-2013
  • Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad’s 125th Birth Day Celebrations (National Education Day)


  • G Nageswara Rao,
  • Coordinator,
  • Arts/Cultural/literary & Hobby Clubs
  • Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering,
  • Tadepalligudem- 534101
  • Email id : hobbyclub@sasi.ac.in

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