FEB 23–24, 2018

ANVESHANA 2018 Tech Events

Paper Presentation

Guide Lines

  1. Mail address for sending abstract and full paper (soft copy): anveshana@sasi.ac.in
  2. Subject line for e-mail: <Branch> <College> <topic><Event> Deadline for abstract submission: 15-02-2018.
  3. The shortlisted candidates would be informed personally either through phone/e-mail by 19th February and will have to present their paper during Anveshana in front of a panel judges.
  4. The shortlisted candidates will have to register for event participation at www.sasi.ac.in/anveshana

Paper Presentation

Guide Lines

  1. The paper should strictly follow standard IEEE two-column format (The format can be downloaded from the internet).
  2. The paper should be in PDF format, readable in Adobe acrobat reader.
  3. A team can consist of a maximum of 2 members.
  4. Paper should contain maximum of EIGHT pages.
  5. Citing the references is MANDATORY.
  6. Only participants who qualify in the preliminary abstract submission round shall be eligible for the final presentation.
  7. Presentation should be less than SEVEN minutes.
  8. Qualified candidates are required to bring along with them one soft copy (preferably in a pen drive) and hard copy of the technical paper on the day of the event
  9. The decision of the judges and event head shall be full paper final and binding on all.

Poster Presentation

Guide Lines

  1. The event consists of 2 Rounds which include Online Submission & Onsite Presentation
  2. Online Submission Round ends on 15th Feb, 2018 by which the abstract and the full poster have to be mailed to anveshana@sasi.ac.in
  3. Top 20 posters will be selected for the final Onsite Presentation Round.
  4.  Selected candidates list will be displayed in the website on 19th Feb, 2018 and will be intimated through mail.
  5. Registration fee per head is Rs.100/- The amount has to be paid on the day of the event.

Online Submission Rules:

  1. A team can comprise a maximum of THREE members.
  2. Submissions should be in the IEEE Format.
  3. The abstract of the poster should be mailed to the respective Mail IDs mentioned before 15th Feb,2018.
  4. The mail should be sent with the subject as "Poster Presentation -branch- Topic Name" eg: Poster Presentation-ECE- Blue Eye.

Onsite Presentation Rules:

  1. Selected participants have to display their posters in person during the Presentation.
  2. The size of poster 40" height x 60" width is appreciable.
  3. The poster need not necessarily have to fill the entire working area.
  4. The technical panel will question the participants and judge the submissions on several criteria.
  5. The decision of the judges and staff in-charges will be final.

Paper Presentation Topics


  1. Advanced VLSI Technologies
  2. Adaptive Signal Processing
  3. Free Space Optical Communication
  4. Micro-wave (wireless) Communication through VSAT Networks
  5. Speech, Image & Data Processing
  6. Micro Fuel Cells
  7. Any other emerging topic


  1. Power System Automation and Protection
  2. Smart Grid
  3. Power Electronics and Drives
  4. Power Quality and Reliability
  5. HVDC and FACTS Devices
  6. Hybrid Energy Systems
  7. Energy Auditing and Conservation
  8. Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
  9. Power System Deregulation
  10. Control Engineering


  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Big Data Analytics
  3. Mobile Apps
  4. Firewall & Routers
  5. Open Source Technologies
  6. Internet of Things
  7. Any other emerging areas


  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Cluster Computing
  3. Android Mobile Applications
  4. Security in Cloud Computing
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Network Security
  7. Any other emerging areas


  1. Robotics
  2. Avionics
  3. Nanotechnology
  4. Advanced Materials
  5. Alternative Energy Sources
  6. Finite Element Analysis
  7. Any other emerging areas


  1. Emerging Trends in Structural Engineering
  2. Latest Application in Environmental Engineering
  3. Recent Advances in Geo Technical Engineering
  4. Modern Construction Methods and Equipments
  5. Recent Technologies in Transportation Engineering
  6. Advanced Application in Civil Engineering


  1. Geology
  2. Drilling
  3. Production Technology
  4. Reserviour Engineering
  5. Petroleum Exploration

Project Expo

  1. Each project batch should consist of min. of 2 and max of 5 members
  2. Participants should mail their two page Abstract/Proposal to anveshana@sasi.ac.in on or before 15th Feb, 2018 in ".doc" format only.
  3. The selected candidates will be informed via email on 19th Feb, 2018.
  4. The abstract should include the idea/proposed method, block diagram and experimental results.
  5. Soft copy and two sets of hard copy of the project should be submitted on the day of presentation.
  6. The first page should contain the following:
    • Title of the project.
      Names of the team members and Institute Details.
      Contact numbers and e-mail IDs.
  7. The last page may include a list of references/websites, books, journals.
  8. The competition is open to only undergraduate and diploma students.
  9. Members should have a valid student ID card of their college/university.
  10. A team member can participate in only one project presentation.

CAD Modelling

Rules and Regulations

  1. You can participate if you are a student studying 2nd/3rd/final year of Mechanical / Production / Automobile / Aeronautics / Robotics / Architecture / Civil Engineering degree program.
  2. Each team shall consist of 1 regular students from the same college and should possess valid student identity cards. Limited to one entry per student. The competition is purely based on individual participation and teams are not allowed.
  3. Problem for the event will be provided on the spot.
  4. The evaluation will be on the basis of CAD file (soft copy) saved in a folder (named as per registration ID) on the desktop
  5. Computer with Autodesk software will be provided to the teams.
  6. The participants shall not be allowed to use any type of gadget including mobile phones, storage devices, laptops, etc.
  7. No manual/documents will be allowed which may help the participants in preparing CAD models.
  8. No communication will be allowed between the teams during the event.
  9. Audience shall not give any hints or clues to the teams.
  10. Number of prizes will depend on number of teams participating in the event as per Anveshana rules
  11. Any team found using unfair means or not following event rules will be disqualified.
  12. The decision of the judges will be final.
  13. Design should be complete within the time in all aspects and 1st prize and 2nd prize winners are selected based on total marks gained in all aspects of drafting.


Rules and Regulations

  1. Students will be given an envelope which contains parts of a particular machine arranged in an irregular order and actual picture will also given to them.
  2. They will be given prescribed time period, in which they have to start assembling the diagram by looking at the actual picture
  3. Winner will be one who successfully completes the assembling of complete diagram within short duration.
  4. After starting of the process there will be no chance of halting at any stage.
  5. Students must raise their hands on completion of assembly and time period will be noted.
  6. After raising the hand there will be no chance of giving them second chance.

Idea Bucket

    No of participants or Team size: Maximum 3 members per team

Rules and Regulations

  1. Prototype or model assembled physically isn't permitted aside from ppt.s
  2. No time restrain per group, yet in the event that occasion is coming up short on time, then time limitations will be specified upon the arrival of occasion.
  3. Organizers’ decision stands the last one.
  4. If the thought appeared to be worth for the wander then just you will be worked together, if not then no issues are acknowledged from our side
  5. Non- compliance with the rules or guidelines specified by coordinators prompts preclusion of entire group.
  6. No duty will be agreed with from our stance in the event that you haven't perused or aren't mindful of any of directions or rules in regards to the occasion.
  7. If the number of registrations will not meet the criteria, then event may be cancelled.

Judging Criteria

    The wander jury individuals asses the thought with various properties or criteria like
  • presentation
  • feasibility
  • social impact
  • advancement
  • Bridge Building(CE)


      • Overall length =80cm (must)
      • Height=10 to 15 cm
      • Width =10cm
      • Glue: only Fevicol
      • Material: Pop sticks
      • No. of participants: maximum 3 members
      • Model should be prepared at your college it self
      • Testing will be done at our college


      • Round 1: Objective Round
      • Each team will be asked 3 questions (Objective questions with 4 options).
      • Question will not be passed.
      • 10 marks will be awarded for the correct answer. No negative marking.
      • Time limit to answer each question is only 30 seconds.
      • Team discussion is allowed.
      • Round 2: Grand Slam Round
      • Each team has a chance to attempt 5 questions with increasing difficulty.
      • If the team fails to answer any question they will not have a chance to attempt next question (to reach 5th question all the four should be correctly answered).
      • Marks will be awarded based on the difficulty level.
      • 1st question-5 marks, 2nd-10 marks, 3rd- 15 marks, 4th -20 marks, 5th -25 marks.
      • Time limit to answer each question is only 30 seconds.
      • Team discussion is allowed.
      • Round 3: Rapid Fire Round
      • Each team can select a subject on list given.
      • Subject selection priority will be based on marks scored in the first two rounds.
      • Each team will answer 10 technical questions with in 2 minute time and the questions are non objective.
      • 10 marks for the correct answer and 5 negative marks for the wrong answer.
      • Team discussion is allowed.
      • If a team cannot answer the question, they can pass for the next question.
        The question will not be forwarded to the next team.
        The unanswered questions will be repeated within the time limit.
        Note:-Top 5 teams are eligible to participate in next rounds
      • Round 4:Audio-visual round
      • Teams will be given either audio/visual clips.
      • Each team will get 2 questions.
      • 10 marks for the correct answer and -5 marks for the wrong answer.
      • Time limit to answer each question is only 30 seconds.
      • No passing to the next team.
      • Round 5: JACKPOT round
      • Each team will get 5 clues and they had to find out the answer from those clues.
      • If they answered in first clue, they will get 25 marks. If they take more clues to answer then they will get the remaining points after deducting 5 marks per clue.
      • Each team will get one question only. No passing.
        Note:-The decision of the quiz-master will be final and will not be subjected to any change.In case of any tie in the final round, 3 more questions will be asked to each team to decide the winner.

      Rules and Regulations

    1. Maximum of three persons per team
    2. Send team details (Names of the Team Members, College Name, Branch, Phone Number) to anveshana@sasi.ac.in
    3. Mention subject as technical quiz along with branch.
    4. Registration fee is 100/- per head.
    5. Spot registration is available.

    ANVESHANA 2018 Cultural Events

    Craft Fair

        Craft Fair (Pot Painting, Quilling, Threading, making out of scrap) -Go with your skilled hands
      Round 1:
        Participant needs to exhibit their crafts.
      Round 2:
        Participant needs to make any craft within a time limit of 30mins.
        Required material must be carried by the participant themself.

    Makeover (only for Girls)

        Blossom with your blushMakeover should be done to a person (you need to take up the responsibility to whom you are gonna makeover).All the required items must be carried by the participant themself.
      Round 1:
        Party make up Candidates will be shortlisted to the next round by the judges.
      Round 2:
        Bridal make up Winners will be declared based on the judging Criteria

    Ramp Walk

      Ramp WalkTeam with min. of 4 and max. of 8 must come with their unique style of dressing representing a theme.

    Creative Writing

      Creative Writing an image will be displayed for which you need to write up your caption/idea/opinion in a quite different way.

    Rules and Regulations

      Within the given time the participant should completed the writing.
      Priority will be given for the Best and Meaningful writing.
      Writings should written only in English/Telugu languages.

    Race Your Moto

      Race Your Moto Make up your own remote control and put the car on the track. Moto which finishes in a short period of time wins the race.

    I Got Talent

      I Got a Talent!Show up ANY of your talent, grab the audience on the live dias. Best talent performer will be awarded.

    Face Painting

      Face PaintingParticipant need to paint any person’s face within the time limit of 30mins.


      Photography Participant need to display the latest clicks (nature,wildlife etc.,) along with the photo details (camera,ISO etc.,) Best clicking fingers wins the prize.


      Singing(Solo/Group)-Come up with your voice Participant can perform in any of their interested jonar (Classical,Western,Folk) and must carry their own music track (in USB) if necessary. Group must have a max. of 5 members only. Time limit: 5mins Based on number of contestants further rounds may be conducted.


      Dancing(Solo/Group)-Tap to the beat Participant can perform in any of their interested jonar (Classical,Western,Folk) and must carry their own music track (in USB). Group must have a max. of 8 members only. Time limit: 3mins Based on number of contestants further rounds may be conducted.

    Treasure Hunt

    Rules and Regulations

  • A team of maximum 4 members.
  • Each team has to announce a leader at the time of registration.
  • Wallets, mobile phones and all the other device of communication or IT devices will be taken away from the participants.
  • You must rely on your team members only.
  • There is a time limit of 2 hrs for all the competing teams to find the treasure

  • Short Film


  • There is no limit for Team.
  • Send team details (Names of the Short Film, College Name, Branch, Phone Number) to anveshana@sasi.ac.in
  • Mention subject line for E-mail: <Branch><College><Event>
  • Registration fee is 100/- per team.
  • Rules and Regulations

  • The participating films should be of a maximum duration of 15 minutes and Minimum 10 Minutes.
  • All films are expected to have a "social" message.
  • Films with no relevance to the theme of the Film Festival will not be considered for screening.
  • Films can be either color or black and white.
  • An Entry fee is required to participate in this contest.
  • Students should produce a bonafide certificate from their educational institution.
  • Participating films should be sent as DVD's or mail.
  • The subtitles must be in English.
  • Short film should be suppose or oppose any politician or celebrity.
  • Short film should not be uploaded into YOUTUBE or any SOCIAL NETWORK SITES will be taken into the consideration.
  • Any one of the actors in the short film must present at the time of contest.

  • ANVESHANA 2018 Sports Events

  • Volley Ball
  • Throw Ball
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennicoit
  • Carroms
  • Chess
  • Athletics

  • ANVESHANA 2018 MS Events

      1.Young Manager
  • Group Discussion
  • Situation Handling
  • Stress Interview
    • 2.Business Quiz
  • Three Members for each Team
  • Only One team from each college
  • Written Test based on the number of teams
  • Quiz consists of 4 rounds
    • Round 1:Logos & Taglines
      Round 2: Acronyms
      Round 3: Identification of\Corporate legends
      Round 4: Sports and general
      3.Business Plan
  • Three members for each Team
  • Written test based on the number of teams.
  • Format of the Business Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Overview
  • PPT to be presented
    • 4.Stock Game
  • Three members for each team
  • Written test on basic terms of Finance & Financial market
  • Stock market game
    • 5.Ad-Selfie
  • Three members for each Team
  • Selfie presentation
  • Ad –presentation along with punch line
  • Rules and Regulations

    1. Registration Fee Rs.100/- per participant for all the four MBA exclusive events.
    2. Separate registration for Sports and Cultural events. These two events will be organized for Management and Engineering students i.e., the students need to compete with all the Management and Engineering students of different colleges.
    3. Spot registrations from 08.00 am to 09.30 am. only
    4. All participants must carry their ID cards, Letter of nomination duly signed by respective college Principal/HOD for participation.
    5. All participants will be issued a certificate of participation.
    6. Judges verdict is final in all the events.



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  • ME : B Kiran Kumar - 9701187001,8500712311
  • ECE : S N V P Raviteja -7661040007
  • CSE : E V Sandeep - 9441818468
  • EEE : M P Pratap - 9492678395
  • IT : S Phani Kumar - 9640879111
  • CE & PE : P Seshu Babu - 8688183232
  • MS : P Ranga Babu - 7207307342
  • AS & H : P L Suresh - 9133710555

  • Convener